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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blog Tour: Crimson and Clover by Juli Page Morgan

Welcome to my stop on the Crimson and Clover Blog Tour
hosted by Tasty Book Tours.
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Under Katie Scott’s flower child exterior beats the heart of June Cleaver. Though she digs her bellbottoms and love beads, she longs for the idyllic family life she was denied as a child.

Laughed out of San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury after the Summer of Love for believing rock ’n roll and white picket fences can coexist she decides to try her luck in the bohemian neighborhood of Ladbroke Grove in London.

When she discovers her new friend Adam is starting a band with Jay Carey, she’s ecstatic. She’d admired the British guitar god from afar for years, and when she and Jay finally meet the attraction between them is instantaneous.

But life with a rock ’n roll star doesn't lend itself well to white picket fences. And when Katie tells Jay the secret she’s carried for two years it may end the dream before it

Cindy's Review:

I picked up this book to read because I really wanted to find out what was the 'secret' Katie was carrying for two years. It turns out to be not that small. It's actually a big misstep in live if you want to say it that way. But before you get too curious of what the secret is, I'll tell you more about the book. ;)

Katie is from the United States. After her father died, Katie decided to go to England to start over. She was recommended to go to this place, so she listened and actually picked herself up and sent herself to England. There, she met Adam who seems cool at first, but Adam actually helped change Katie's life a lot. 

Adam is friends with Jay Carey. And Jay Carey is part of a famous band. Katie had always admired him, so she was really excited to meet him. Katie couldn't believe herself. Then, it was like love at first sight. Katie immediately knew that Jay was for her, but that 'secret' of hers will get in the way. 

Soon, Katie meets new friends like Maureen, NIcky, Stuart, and Stephanie. And soon, Katie and Jay gets into a relationship. Everything is perfect. Until that is.......Adam, Nicky, Stuart, and Jay decides to form a band. Yes, Katie misses Jay but she'll live up to it. After a few years had passed, I think the couples in the story moved on with their lives. So yes, they took another step, and got married.

But Katie still has the 'secret' in the way. How can she tell Jay the secret that might change their relationship and their lives? This answers the question though. True love reins all.

I think this book was an awesome romance novel that teaches us about how true love can take over everything. Although there are some scenes in this book I would normally not read, I still lived through it and got to the fabulous ending at the end~ ;))

Rating: (1-10): 7.8!

Author Bio:

   After an exciting (and sometimes surreal!) career in radio broadcasting, Juli Page Morgan was left with a passion for rock ‘n roll and memories of the outrageous antics she'd seen and stories told to her by musicians and bands she’d interviewed over the years. Inspired by these tales, Juli wrote her first novel, CRIMSON AND CLOVER, a rocking romance set in London in 1968.

   Juli lives in Arkansas with her husband and youngest daughter. When she’s not writing she's attempting to force updates on her sixty-year-old house (it fights back!) and trying to convince her husband the world won’t come to an end if the television is turned off. She also listens to a lot of music at maximum volume and exceeds the speed limit when she drives. She’s currently at work on her second romance novel, and yes -- it rocks, too!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Never Too Far PROMO

Welcome to my stop on the Never Too Far PROMO Tour
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Young Adult Dystopian / Suspense

Title: Never Too Far
Author: Thomas Christopher

Date Published: 5/10/12

A harrowing story of love and survival. In a future of scarce resources, where the possession of gas and diesel is punishable by death, a teenage boy and a pregnant girl must find a way to save their impoverished family. They risk their lives on a terrifying journey to sell stolen fuel on the black market.


Mary surprised Joe by knocking his arms away. She was stronger than she looked. Then she swept her legs off the bed and sprang to her feet. She took two steps and turned to face him as if to prove there was nothing wrong with her. But there was definitely something wrong. She wavered a moment. Her already white face turned ghostly. Her eyelids trembled. She seemed to realize she was becoming faint, and what that meant. 
“I’m fine,” she said. “You don’t have to go.”
Joe got ready to catch her in case she fell, but somehow she held herself steady. 
“It’s okay,” Joe said. “Just sit down. I will go find some food.”
Joe inched toward her. He was afraid to grab her again because she might try to wrench free once more and really fall. When she coughed, her little shoulders jerked and her round stomach jumped. Her head was drooped low and her hair hung down so he couldn’t see her face at all. 
“Come on, lay down,” Joe said.
She didn’t move. Joe stepped toward her, but before he could put his arms around her, she tilted forward and rested the crown of her head against his chest. He slid his arms along the sides of her hard belly and around her waist. Then he shifted her toward the bed again. She moved like a bundle of empty sacks in his arms. He set her gently on the bed before he bent down to lift her feet onto the sheets. 
After he sat in the chair, Mary asked him, “What if you don’t come back?”
“That’s not going to happen,” Joe said.
“How do you know?”
“I just know. You have to trust me.”

Author Bio: 
Thomas Christopher: 
Thomas Christopher grew up in Iowa. He received his MFA from Western Michigan University. His short stories have appeared in The Louisville Review and The MacGuffinHe was awarded an Irving S. Gilmore Emerging Artist Grant and was a finalist for the Matthew Clark Prize in Fiction. He lives in Wisconsin with his wife and son. 


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blog Tour: The Gift by Tegon Maus

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The Gift - The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield
The Gift (The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield)


Transformed by a primitive magic beyond a civilized man’s understanding, I was given a horrible gift that no man should possess… It held me, twisted me, turning me at its bidding. I was enslaved by its power, compelled to devour the souls of the dead until I became the monster of my fears. I have seen things I wish never to see again. I have done things of which I wish never to speak. Yet I must if I am to find the answers to fulfill my hope. I have walked upon blue ribbons of molten stone to peer into the depth of a man’s soul. I watched as a promise made at birth brought my friend Enon to sacrifice everything to become whole again – all in an effort to save the life of his child. I have cried without shame for the loss of all I hold dear and for fear that the future will hold more than I can bear. I am Tucker Littlefield. Know all that I say now is true-spoken.
Cindy's Review: 
I want to thank Tegon Maus for letting me read this wonderful story with such a creative world in it. Although the beginning did kind of confuse me, like who or what Enon was supposed to be.
At first I thought Enon was a person. LOL. Then I thought he was a dog. Then, he turned out to be a Jonda. (I'm pretty sure) The main character's name Tucker Littlefield just immediately reminded me of Tuck Everlasting. I'm so weird. 
But anyways, this book had many different kind of people or should I say beings. Since they are not exactly human. It kind of reminded me a little of the Graceling world created by Kristin Cashore. 
So this sure was an entertaining read with it's own little world like the medieval times but at the same time, it's science fiction since it couldn't be real... A little like dystopian.
Although this book is awesome and all, I guess this wasn't the genre or type of book I would usually read. I usually go for the more romantic young adult and dystopian or books that would make me cry. LOL. 
But either way, for those who would love a beautifully laid out story of loss, love, and magnificent world with many different kinds of things, feel free to check this book out!!
Rating: (1-10) : 7.8
Happy Reading~ 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Book Review: Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper

Out of My MindOut of My Mind 
by Sharon M. Draper
Release Date: March 9th, 2010
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Format: Paperback, 295 pages
Source: JMMS Library
ISBN: 978-14169-71702
Get a Copy: 
       Barnes and Nobles

Goodreads Summary: Eleven-year-old Melody has a photographic memory. Her head is like a video camera that is always recording. Always. And there's no delete button. She's the smartest kid in her whole school—but no one knows it. Most people—her teachers and doctors included—don't think she's capable of learning, and up until recently her school days consisted of listening to the same preschool-level alphabet lessons again and again and again. If only she could speak up, if only she could tell people what she thinks and knows . . . but she can't, because Melody can't talk. She can't walk. She can't write. Being stuck inside her head is making Melody go out of her mind—that is, until she discovers something that will allow her to speak for the first time ever. At last Melody has a voice . . . but not everyone around her is ready to hear it.

From multiple Coretta Scott King Award winner Sharon M. Draper comes a story full of heartache and hope. Get ready to meet a girl whose voice you'll never, ever forget.

Cindy's Review: I already talked about this book in one of the other CYRM nominee book reviews. For starters this book was a really well-written, deep book about the feeling of others and not exactly normal everyday people who have the privilege of everything. 

I honestly cried in this book. LOL. I think I cry in every book, but this book was true and deep. 

The Cover:
The cover maybe simple, but just like the book, it has deep meaning into it. The main character, Emma is just the goldfish flying out of the jar: Without water the goldfish can't live, it will need help. Emma also needs help doing things, just like that helpless goldfish flying out of the jar.

The Characters/Plot: 
Emma have this mental illness that causes her not able to control herself. Even though Emma can't do simple things like eat by herself or go to the bathroom by herself, Emma is actually really smart. She has photographic memory and she understands what is going on. 

But not being able to talk is the worst thing to Emma. When Emma finally gets a Medi-talker which she can use to talk, people finds out amazingly how smart Emma is. In fact, she's the only one in the whole school to get all the questions for the Genius school competition thing (I forgot the name, sorry)

But would the normal kids except her for who is truly inside, or how she is on the outside?

The Extra:
Even though I seriously loved this book and all that.. UGH!!! IT'S SO HARD TO CHOOSE BETWEEN BOOKS!!!  I'm gonna still have to go for another book. ;((( Sorry...

And like I feel like my reviews are so short. How do I make them longer? Omg. Really. I can chat......or not. SO this book.....I recommend it to people who wants to learn more about.......okay. I can't do this. Omg. This is awkward. I promise my next one would be really long? Okay? PROMISE!!

Rating: (1-10): 8.5

Happy Reading~ 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blog Tour: The Puppet Spell by E.L. Adams

Welcome to my Stop on the Puppet Spells Blog Tour
hosted by I Am a Reader Not a Writer.
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The Puppet Spell

Unlike her rebellious sister Lucinda, fifteen-year-old Lexa prefers to spend her free time playing video games, fighting the forces of evil with her partner-in-crime Marlon. But when Lucinda steals an invisibility potion from their uncle’s storeroom, she unleashes chaos into their lives. Lexa and Marlon find themselves catapulted into a world far more dangerous than any video game, full of misleading illusions, sinister Conjurors and deadly Fey, and threatened by a man with a grudge known as the Puppeteer. Accompanied only by Lexa’s uncle’s unreliable (and rather dangerous) Chimera, Lexa and Marlon must navigate this world to find Lucinda- before they too fall under the spell of the puppet master...

'OMG, my hat goes off to Miss Adams. "The Puppet Spell", is a mind-bogglingly crafted novel...I love the intricate web that is interwoven throughout the story. It leaves you wondering what's real and what has been created from the mind of Adams. It's Harry Potter meets The Matrix. It's a fast-paced story that left me gripping the end of my seat waiting for the next scene to start. Adams's debut novel is a must have! Its original take on magic and other worlds will have you placed under a spell of its own.' - YA author Elle A. Rose (Amazon review)

'Adams has crafted an entertaining fantasy tale with some nicely creepy moments. This novel is aimed at a young audience and should be extremely well received...a brilliantly written adventure story.' - Fantasy author Sharon Stevenson (Amazon review)

"it is easy to see that you are a very gifted writer. I am so impressed by your talent and the story. It has appeal not only for kids but adults as well. I think you will go far with this. Six stars!" - Authonomy review

"You have a wonderful narrative voice for children’s literature." - Authonomy review

"To me it felt like a mixture between Narnia and Dr Who, whilst at the same time being very original and not easy to predict." - Authonomy review

"You have a great idea and have written it wonderfully! The writing is clean and consice, with no words wasted. Your settings and circumstances are described vividly and placed me in the story. All of the characters have distinct personalities and their quirkiness is fresh. You are obviously very talented! This story is put together incredibly well. Highly marketable, very highly starred, and most enjoyable." - Authonomy review

"High stars from me – this is one of the most satisfying reads in this genre I’ve come across in a while." - Authonomy review

Cindy's Review: 

 I think this book was a one amazing read! It was entertaining from start to finish with the magical spells and the twins adventures, which got you clinging to the edge of your seat! Although the cover is a little scary. LOL. You learn to never judge a book by its cover. I read this book because I know the author from Twitter (kind of) and I knew she was trying really hard to get her book published, so I decided to give it a try. Not bad was the first thought I had when I started reading this.

Amazing! was the thought I had when I finished. If E. L. Adams was writing a sequel, I would definitely read that one.

So the main character of the book is Lexa. Lexa is a quiet, calm, smart, and responsible type of girl as her twin sister, Lucinda is the troublemaker, the queen bee, and the snotty kind of girl. Lexa and Lucinda started living with their uncle  Steven. Their uncle moves around a lot so Lexa had to change schools a lot. But during that past two years, she still went to the same school.

One day, when their uncle left for somewhere, Lucinda was naughty enough to look into their uncle's storeroom. and there they discovered an invisibility potion and a whole other world. When Lucinda decides to use the potion and ends up going to the other world, Lexa had no choice but to follow. Along with the Chimera, whom is Steven's pet and Marlon, Lexa's best friend.

Although the Chimera was somewhat, cruel, I never hated him. I mean, he did save Lexa from dying a lot of times, so when the Chimera led Lexa into a trap, I was like "The Chimera isn't like that, is he?"

Either way, this book was one, big, entertaining read!! Loved it! Although I do kind of wish Marlon and Lexa fell in love. Cuz you know, if your best friend is a guy in a book, you'll always fall in love with them. It's kinda like an unwritten rule. LOL.

 I rate it an 8.6!

Read Chapter One:

Amazon * Kobo</ a>


Author E.L. Adams

Emma is a 21-year-old author from Birmingham, UK. When she isn't reading voraciously, studying, or taking every opportunity to travel, she can be found in front of her writing desk.

Having aspired to be a writer since the age of ten, Emma aims to give life to her (admittedly bizarre) daydreams, through creating weird and wonderful alternative worlds. Her debut novel THE PUPPET SPELL, published in January 2013 by Rowanvale Books, is a fantasy tale for young adults and the young at heart, inspired by her lifelong love of traditional fantasy, mythology, and video games.

When not living the crazy life of an English Literature with Creative Writing student at Lancaster University, Emma reluctantly resides in the attic in her parents' house in Birmingham. Local rumour is that she is working on a dark fantasy series for mature young adults featuring demons and other assorted night terrors.

Tour Giveaway
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Book Review: The Secret of Ella and MIcha by Jessica Sorensen

The Secret of Ella and Micha (The Secret, #1)The Secret of Ella and Micha (The Secret #1)
by Jessica Sorensen
Release Date: October 4th, 2012
Format: ebook, 316 pages
Source: ePubBud
ISBN: 978-19390-45010
Get a Copy: 
      Barnes and Nobles

Goodreads Summary: Ella and Micha have been best friends since they were kids. But one tragic night shatters their friendship and their lives forever.

Ella used to be a rule-breaker with fiery attitude who wore her heart on her sleeve. But she left everything behind when she went to college and transformed into someone that follows the rules, keeps everything together, and hides all her problems. But now it's summer break and she has nowhere else to go but home. 

Ella fears everything she worked so hard to bury might resurface, especially with Micha living right next door. If Micha tries to tempt the old her back, she knows that it will be hard to resist.

Micha is sexy, smart, confident, and can get under Ella’s skin like no one else can. He knows everything about her, including her darkest secrets. And he’s determined to bring his best friend, and the girl he loves back, no matter what it takes. 

(New Adult Contemporary)
*Mature Content** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language.

Cindy's Review: So I first saw this book on blogs for reviews. I was like, ugh. No. No more new adult content. I'm not gonna read that! 

But then I decided, people make it sound so good! Why not read it? 

And I didn't regret it!! This book is like so romantic. And Micha sounds so hot. He's definitely the popular, hot, guy-next-door, who every girl wants to get their hands on him, of course, except for Ella, whose the-girl-next-girl. And they're best friends. 

But like, even thought there's one sexual, non-descriptive scene and some making out, it's exactly what you would find in a young-adult romance. I can live through the making out, because trust me, you can find those at school too. Omg. But the school ones are just not that obvious and if you aren't looking for something, you'll rarely see it. Or if you don't stay at school after school, you'll probably only see quick kisses in the hallway. Yeah. 

The cover also looked a bit new adult. That also discouraged me from reading this book at first. 

Well, I don't feel like doing my usual book review format today. So I guess no explanation of the plot, Ella, or Micha. Just me ranting. But I love ranting. LOl. And at least I have something to rant about.

Anyways Ella and Micha makes such a good couple. Omg. And I actually like the guy's name this time. Ella is not that bad of a name. For some reason, I think Ella and Micha looks really pretty together. Maybe I'm just really weird. Probably that's it. 

The Rating:
(1-10): 9.5!

Happy Reading~

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Book Review: Prodigy by Marie Lu

Prodigy (Legend, #2)Prodigy (Legend #2)
by Marie Lu
Release Date: January 29th, 2013
Publisher: Pubnam Juvenile 
Format: Hardcover, 384 pages
Source: Liana @ Book Addict.
ISBN: 978-03992-56769
Get a Copy: 
      Barnes and Nobles

Goodreads Summary: June and Day arrive in Vegas just as the unthinkable happens: the Elector Primo dies, and his son Anden takes his place. With the Republic edging closer to chaos, the two join a group of Patriot rebels eager to help Day rescue his brother and offer passage to the Colonies. They have only one request—June and Day must assassinate the new Elector.

It’s their chance to change the nation, to give voice to a people silenced for too long. 

But as June realizes this Elector is nothing like his father, she’s haunted by the choice ahead. What if Anden is a new beginning? What if revolution must be more than loss and vengeance, anger and blood—what if the Patriots are wrong?

In this highly-anticipated sequel, Lu delivers a breathtaking thriller with high stakes and cinematic action.

Cindy's Review: Yeah! I finally got my hands on this book!! I waited forever for this one to come out. Since this one is one of the first 2013's most anticipated waits, I can't believe it came so fast! ;) <333

The Cover:
To me, the cover looks like it's worn out and got dirty and everything. If you look closely at the hardcover cover, you'll notice. Good thing is that my friend can't ever say I ruined her cover since she got her book like that. Omg. LOL.

The Characters/Plot: 
So Prodigy has just the same characters as Legend. Well, basically. There's just two extra main characters. And it's the same June and Day POV's back and forth. Instead of gold, Day's POV is a beautiful shade of blue this time. ;) I just love Day and June's names. It's so pretty.

An extra main character is Anden, the ex-Elector Primo's son, who takes the Elector Primo seat. Day starts off hating him but when he and June discovers how Anden's personality really is and all the puzzles pieces start to piece together, everything just changes. So Anden is part of the love square. He likes June. And I dunno if June likes him back. We all know June likes Day, but you can like two people at once. But June isn't pushing Anden away so that means that June does have a little feelings for Anden! Nooo! Although Anden's role does kinda seem like Prince Maxon in The Selection by Kiera Cass, still noo!!!

Tessa appeared a lot in the beginning of Legend. And she comes back again. This time more grown up, and there's also that new love for Day. Like no! Day is taken!!!!! UGH. This whole romance thing though.

The other new character is I forgot his name. Really. And I don't have the book. And I'm too lazy to look online. So ugh. Forget this. 

The Extras:
Well. Prodigy ended. Now we have to wait for the third book and so far no new info yet. I'll keep you guys updated. Betcha!

In case you want to know about The Selection:

The Rating: 
(1-10): 8.9!

Happy Reading~

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Book Review: The Things a Brother Knows by Dana Reinhardt

The Things a Brother KnowsThe Things a Brother Knows 
by Dana Reinhardt
Release Date: September 13th, 2011
Publisher: Ember
Format: Paperback, 256 pages
Source: John Muir Middle School Library
ISBN: 978-03758-44560
Get a Copy: 
      Barnes and Nobles

Goodreads Summary: Levi's older brother Boaz returns from fighting with the Marines in the Middle East. He's safe. Levi's family has waited three long years for this. But Boaz is no longer the brother Levi thought he knew. Even if nobody else wants to see it, Levi can tell that Boaz has changed; something's wrong. When Boaz announces he's off to hike the Appalachian Trail, Levi knows he's lying. He's heading somewhere else. So Levi follows, determined to understand who his brother was, what he's been through, and how to bring him home again.

Cindy's Review: The Things a Brother Knows is another one of the CYRM 2013 nominee. This is in the Young Adult section competing against Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl and Matched by Ally Condie. I honestly think it won't win due to how famous and popular Beautiful Creatures and Matched is. It's a battle between those two books. Personally, who would I choose? Hmmm. Even though I like the Beautiful Creatures series better than Matched and I think Matched isn't the best written book ever, I think I'll still choose Matched for the Young Adult section. 

The Cover: 
The cover is okay to me. The only comment I made about it that Levi in the cover does not look 5'9" or was it 5'11"? I forgot.

The Characters/Plot: 
Levi - Levi is 17, almost 18 when his brother, Boaz who is perfect and popular came back from the army. When Boaz came back, he changed completely and was quiet all the time. One day Boaz packed and started to take a walking trip to Washington D.C. 

Levi thought there was something wrong with Boaz, so Levi also decides to go follow Boaz. Together they walked across the country to Washington D.C. 

The ending was kind of sad. I actually cried. LOL. 

The Extras: 
I think this book was kind of boring compared to the other two books. Even though there is some romance, I just don't seem to connect with this book. ;(

Parpar = butterfly    

So if you want to read my review for Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles #1), here it is:

And if you want Beautiful Darkness (Caster Chronicles #2) review:

And the Beautiful Chaos (Caster Chronicles #3) review:

And lastly Beautiful Redemption (Caster Chronicles #4) review:

Okay. I dunno why just advertised Beautiful Creatures series so much. LOL.

Oh. And I don't have a review of Matched on my blog because I read that book all the way back in sixth grade and I didn't have a blog yet back then. LOL. 

The Rating:
(1-10): 7.5

Happy Reading~

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blog Tour: Drawn to You by Janel Rodriguez Ferrer

VBT_VBRT Drawn to You Banner.jpg

Welcome to my stop on the Drawn to You Blog Tour
Click HERE to see the rest of the tour schedule.


Rock Your Destiny! 

Gina Santiago is a thirteen-year-old "Nuyorican" with rock star dreams, so when she's accepted into the prestigious New York Academy of Arts and Talents for art instead of music, she's crushed. To make matters worse, the student body at the Upper East Side school is divided into "schollies" (students on scholarship, like her) and "dollies" (rich kids with "dollars"). But Gina discovers that there is one thing that brings schollies and dollies-and dancers, singers, actors, artists, and musicians-together: music! Maybe she can make her dreams come true after all....

Cindy's Review: 

This book was a simple juvenile fiction read that inspires kids to follow their dreams. I'm so glad I decided to do this blog tour. I've been reading young adult so much nowadays, I forgot how fun it is to read middle school books. Middle school books are entertaining and captivating, just like the young-adult books, except without all the romance drama. Even if there is romance, the authors keep it light and at ease.

Drawn to You was such a good book! The ending almost killed me! I know this book just came out, but I really can't wait for the next book! And even though, I say romance is gone, whew! A nice rest, I still maybe want just a little romance. Just a little. Because there' s this one character I want Gina to be with. ;)

I love how Gina forms a band at her new school. I love how she follows her dream even though her mother discourages her. I just love the ending of this story. Reminds me a bit of

Janel will be awarding Winner's Choice of a $25 gift card to iTunes (music) or, Capezio (dance), or Utrecht (art supplies) to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

Author Bio:
Author Pic.jpg    Like her main character, Gina Santiago, Janel is a Nuyorican who attended a Manhattan high school of the arts as an art major. Unlike Gina, she isn’t very good at guitar and doesn’t have a rock band to call her own. Truth be told, she never dreamed of becoming a guitarist. Instead, from the time she was a tween she dreamed of becoming a published author of a book series. And since you're reading this, you can see that her dream has come true!
   Her first hint of an idea for the Arts-Angels series began way back when she received a pendant of St. Michael the Archangel for her sixteenth birthday.
   She lives with her twin sister, Jennifer (who got a pendant of St. Joan of Arc that same birthday but hasn’t written any books about it), in New York City.





E-mail: janelrodriguezferrer (at) theartsangels (dot) com.


Amazon UK:

Barnes and Noble:




Happy Touring~

Monday, February 11, 2013

Book Review: Invisible Lines by Mary Amato

Invisible LinesInvisible Lines 
by Mary Amato 
Release Date: November 24th, 2009
Publisher: EgmontUSA
Format: Paperback, 299 pages
Source: John Muir Middle School Library
ISBN: 978-16068-40108
Get a Copy: 
      Barnes and Nobles

Goodreads Summary: If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s making people laugh because when I’m standing up I’m what you call a stand-up comedian, and when I’m sitting down, I’m just plain funny.  
Trevor is just plain funny, and he’s lucky he is. Because this year he needs a sense of humor. Moving to a new home is hard enough—the sign reads hedley gardens, but everyone calls these projects deadly gardens. And the move to a fancy new school is even harder—all the kids from Deadly Gardens seem to be in the same classes and keep to themselves, but somehow Trevor’s ended up in an advanced science class with kids who seem to have everything, and know everything, including how to please their strange new teacher.

Someone else might just give up, but Trevor has plans. This is going to be his year.  And he is going to use whatever he has, do whatever it takes, to make it at this new school. He may not have what these other kids have, but Trevor knows he’s got some stuff to show. No one is better at juggling in soccer, and he knows he can draw—he calls himself the Graffiti Guy. 

But Xander, a star in the classroom and on the soccer field, has other plans for Trevor. He doesn’t like anyone trespassing on his turf and begins to sabotage Trevor at every opportunity. Who is going to believe Trevor over the school star? Is there any way that Trevor can achieve his goals against a guy who is as good at bullying as he is at everything else he does?

Book Review:  This is another one of the CYRM nominees. This book is going against Wild Things and Out of My Mind. I'm having a hard time choosing between Out of My Mind and this book. Both is very well-written. And both is very written very deeply. But I think I would choose this book despite everything. It connects to me the most. Even though Out of My Mind connects to me a lot too, I didn't cry as much in that book. Yeah. I grade how connected I am to a book by my crying. LOL. Jk. 

The Cover:
I think this book cover is really bright an eye-catchy. And I totally get how it connects to the story.

The Characters/Plot: 
The main character is named Trevor Musgrove. He is an awesome artist and plays soccer really well. He's pretty cool as a person. But the only thing that holds him back is that his family is poor. His mother is a single mother who also have two more kids. Trevor has one little brother whose five and a little sister whose two.

Trevor had just moved to another new place even worse than the last place he lived in. This new apartment is called Deadly Gardens where all the poor kids in his school lived. Trying to have a new start, Trevor tries to blend in with the popular, rich kids. He fits in all right. He;s pretty funny, he's cool, and he's talented. But he has to hide how poor he is. 

Immediately, Trevor begins to hang out with the most popular boys in the school, Xander and Langley. Langley pretty cool and awesome despite how rich he is. If I was in the book, I"ll probably start liking Langley. 

Everything was cool when Trevor begins to show others his skills. Of course other people were like "Cool You're better than Xander!" And Xander who is the conceited, soccer star got jealous of Trevor and does his best to bring Trevor down.

In the end, Xander almost succeeded, but with his wits, Trevor outwits Xander without making Xander more mad at him. 

And you're probably wondering what the heck there is to cry about in this book. Well, I was crying because of Trevor's argument with his mom. It's just sad. Okay. Or maybe I cry too easily. 

The Extras: 
So yeah. I'm choosing this book for the Middle School section!

And just in case you want to see the CYRM list, here it is:

The Rating: (1-10): 9

Happy Reading~

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Book Review: Wild Things by Clay Carmichael

Wild ThingsWild Things 
by Clay Carmichael
Release Date: May 1st, 2009
Publisher: Front Street
Format: Hardcover, 241 pages
Source: John Muir Middle School Library
ISBN: 978-15907-86277
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Goodreads Summary: A headstrong girl. A stray cat. A wild boy. A man who plays with fire. Eleven-year-old Zoe trusts no one. Her father left before she was born. At the death of her irresponsible mother, Zoe goes to live with her uncle, former surgeon and famed metal sculptor Dr. Henry Royster. She's sure Henry will fail her as everyone else has. Reclusive since his wife's death, Henry takes Zoe to Sugar Hill, North Carolina, where he welds sculptures as stormy as his moods. Zoe and Henry have much in common: brains, fiery and creative natures, and badly broken hearts. Zoe confronts small-town prejudice with a quick temper. She warms to Henry's odd but devoted friends, meets a mysterious teenage boy living wild in the neighboring woods, and works to win the trust of a feral cat while struggling to trust in anyone herself. In this ALA Notable Children's Book and "Kirkus Reviews "Best Children's Book of the Year, Zoe's questing spirit leads her to uncover the wild boy's identity, lay bare a local lie, and begin to understand the true power of Henry's art. Then one decisive night, she and the boy risk everything in a reckless act of heroism. 
"I'd hoped for better, Henry's being a heart doctor. A job like that, you'd think he might actually have a heart.
As usual, I pushed the cart down the aisle myself, taking what I needed off the shelves, the new grown-up as useless as those before him. Negative help, as Mama's friend Manny used to say, negative being less than none. No big deal. Grocery shopping and I were old friends, along with toilet scrubbing, vacuuming, and wash.
Said grown-up--my before-last-Monday-never-heard-of Uncle Henry--trailed behind, ... alternating between keeping five or six paces back like I was contagious and breathing down my neck in the unlikely event I needed him for something. I wondered why he'd claimed me at all.

Cindy's Summary: This book is one of the California Young Reader Medal's 2012-2013's nominees. My school participates in this annual event every year. And every year, I participate too. This year is my last year to be able to participate in so I'm definitely reading all 12 books. ;)

I read this book like a month ago. How am I supposed to remember? I barely surpassed the mini quiz given to prove that you read the book. Good thing I know the librarian who grades those quizzes., I'll try my best though.

The Cover:
Hmmm. Okay a cat. I kept on calling this book Wild Cats because the cover had a cat on it. Omg. At least I got the Wild part. 

The Characters/Plot: 
Hmmm. This has like two main characters and a few side characters. This book is told from two POV's. One is the girl, the main character of the book, Zoe. Zoe's dad either left her or he died when Zoe was young or something. Her mom have some kind of bipolar disease thing. Or heart cancer. I forgot. Just something that made her die. Zoe was then sent off to live with her uncle, Henry. 

Henry and Zoe have kind of similar personalities, but Zoe doesn't exactly appreciate him.

The second POV is told by the cat, who is a wild cat who sees all the thing that happens with Zoe and all that. Zoe named this wild cat Mr. C'mere. This cat have quite a strong point of view. LOL.

The Extras:
Since I haven't having time to review books so I have like 6 more books waiting for a review. How am I supposed to remember everything? LOL. 

Well. I apologize for this short uninteresting review. 

The Rate: (1-10) 7.5

Happy Reading~

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Only Exception by Magan Vernon Cover Reveal

Welcome to my PROMO stop of The Only Exception
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The Only Exception by Magan Vernon.jpg

Fiercely liberal Monica Remy prefers to blend in. Despite her tattoos, piercings, and outspoken personality, she transferred to Central to escape—before she finds out that her next door neighbor is the uber conservative governor's son, Trey Chapman.

No matter how hard she tries to avoid Trey, he still finds a way to get under her skin. Monica can’t stand his crisp white shirts or his staunch views on women. But she can’t help counting every freckle on his face and wondering what it would feel like to have him stop talking politics and kiss her.

A class debate project forces the unlikely pair to work together, and the political lines are blurred in late-night make out sessions. But despite their fiery chemistry, Trey’s politics threatens to smother their relationship for good.
Author Bio:


Magan Vernon is a Young Adult and New Adult writer who lives with her family in the insurance capital of the world. She is in a very serious, fake relationship with Adam Lambert and constantly asks her husband to wear guyliner. He still refuses. She also believes her husband is secretly an alien, disguised as a southern gentleman.


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