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Friday, June 29, 2012


Liana. I changed the books I'm currently reading to one book, cuz apparently it's a crime. Okay.....Well I'm always a reader whose like reading more than one book at a time. When you have to finish a series or you find another book more interesting, you tend to stop reading the one you started. In this case, The Horse Whisperer. Even though that book sounds so interesting, I need to finish the Harry Potter series and plus, the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book is a library book, so yah. The geometry textbook...well, my dad wanted me to do some math over the I seriously borrowed the geometry textbook from our school. So much for me and books. I'm like having to much of books to read instead of running out. The school library just gave me a bunch of random books and I have them stacked high in my room. They can't even fit my bookshelf. Man, that means I have to do another reorganization with my bookshelf. Or maybe just take out some really kiddie books and give them to my cousins. So....yeah...that's about it...baii~

~ Cindy XD.

My Double Life by Janette Rallison Book Review

My Double Life by Janette Rallison.

Book Review by Cindy Mai. ;)

Book Teaser: Living the life of a famous star should be the opportunity of a lifetime. But for Alexia Garcia, staying true to herself is hard to do when she has to pretend to be somebody else!
      Her whole life, Alexia Garcia has been told that she looks just like pop-star Kari Kingsley, and when she is offered the chance to move cross-country and work as Kari's double, she feels like she's won the lottery. Alexia's mom warns her not to go to Hollywood - the land of vapid celebrities and Alexia's long-lost father - but when Hollywood calls, it's hard to say no.
      In Hollywood, Alexia is living the dream - people cater to her every whim. Then she falls for Grant Delray, the gorgeous singer whose face she's stared  at on magazine covers for years.  he's everything Alexia could want. There's just one problem: He thinks she's Kari.

Cindy's Description: Let's see, this book is not bad I mean, it's like a simple love story with exciting plots, but if you're looking for deep, sexy romance, well just find one of Liana's book reviews, because this one is not as deep. But it's really not a bad book, I mean, younger kids can read this, but not that young. Maybe like 10+. IDK. So anyways, this book talk s about Alexia Garcia who looks a lot like the celebrity, Kari Kingsley, like you already know. Alexia somehow got her picture on the internet, and Kari's manager, Maren found the picture and wanted Alexia to become Kari's double. Alexia's Abuelita and Mom said a strong 'NO!' due to Alexia's Mom's past romance, but Alexia feels like it's something she wants to do. That's when Alexia finally realize that her father, who didn't even know she was born, turned out to be Alex Kingsley. Yep. You got it, Alexia is Kari's younger sister. They have different mothers, but same fathers. Don't worry, Alex wasn't a cheater. Kari's mom died before Alex met Alexia's mom. So, as I was saying, Alexia went to live with Kari and carried on simple tasks like going to a party, going to a small, mini concert, and stuff, but trouble started brewing when Alexia fell in love with Grant and started, basically, dating him, as Kari while the real Kari is dating Micheal and she gets known as a cheater in the magazines and such. So Kari and Maren gets like really mad at her, and they say if Alexia doesn't break up with Grant, she's fired. Alexia rather be fired than breaking up with Grant, but she eventually told Grant she, Kari, was actually seeing Micheal for real, like the magazines said, and they should break up. Either way, Alex Kingsley comes up to solve the problem Alexia started, and of course, she gets fired. That's when Alexia finally told the truth to Alex., to the stunned Alex, in this case. Even though Alex had wanted Alexia to stay, Alexia leaves to back to her quiet hometown. The ending is like the most romantic, but maybe you should read the book instead and ask yourself 'why didn't it happen to you?'

Rate: (1-10): 7.2
It's not bad, like I said. I just realized, in the last book review, I forgot to rate it. Oh well. LOL. I"ll give it a 8.4.

I'm like too lazy to find the quotes and give it out like Liana. So maybe the next book that's really interesting, so I'll want to do the quotes. Anyways, looks like it's me for a while, since Liana is too busy worrying about her other blogs..... I have nothing more to say. Maybe it's because I'm bored of this book, since I probably read it for more than 4 times, so bye~

~ Cindy Mai. ;)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shadows Cast by Stars by Catherine Knutsson Book Review

Shadows Cast by Stars by Catherine Knutsson.

Book Review by Cindy Mai.

Book Summary: Two Hundred years from now, blood has become the most valuable commodity on the planet - especially the blood of aboriginal  peoples, for it contains the antibodies that protect them from the Plague ravaging the rest of the world.
Sixteen-year-old Cassandra Mercredi might be immune to the Plague, but that doesn't mean she's safe - government fores are searching for those of aboriginal heritage in order to harvest their blood. When a search threatens Cass and her family, they flee to the Island: a mysterious and idyllic territory protected by the Band, a group of guerilla warriors -  and by an enigmatic energy barrier that keeps outsiders out and the spirit world in. And though the village healer has taken Cass under her wing, and the tribal leader's son into his heart, the creatures of the spirit world are angry, and they have chosen Cass to be their voice and instrument...

Cindy's Summary: The book first takes place in the normal world like ours but in the future where there are full of normal people and the raging Plague, but soon Cass and her younger brother, who are both known as Others and aboriginals, and normal people wouldn't even go near them, moved to the Island with their dad. Although many people on the Island accept them, there are still some against them because both Cass and Paul had grown close to the tribal leader's son, Bran, especially when Cass can go into the spirit world and the villagers believe Cass can  harm them. Soon, because of her skills with the spirit world, becomes the apprentice of the village healer, who is also thought as of a witch, and can also do spiritual stuff. Cass also fell in love with Bran, of course, those love stories. Although their love is very touching and attention seeking, not that it's a bad thing, really, I actually like them, the main point is that the evil creatures of the spirit world doesn't exactly want Cass to live, so they want to take Cass's life and destroy the Island. Cass's perfect, nice life at the Island ended fairly fast and it seems there is anyone left by her side. She already lost her mother when she was young. Her father seems far away. The village healer, Madda has been killed by one of those evil creatures, dzoonokwa, also known as wild women of the woods. Her "boyfriend", Bran and her brother Paul had gone towards the ocean and never came back. Henry, the temporary tribal leader, since Bran's father had been missing for quite a while, had turn most villagers against her. But brave enough, with those few friends left, Cass sailed her own ship to find her brother and Bran. They find Bran and the tribal leader at another island and brought them home. Then and there, Cass goes into the spiritual world with Bran to fight  the evil creatures. The moonstone helps save both Cass and Bran, but the Island is no longer the safe place. This is like part of the ending, but I still haven't told you the most important part, because you have to read the book and I just wanna torture you like that. XD.

Okay. I can't tell stories really well. Like really. Especially when I read this like a month ago. Or actually, more like three weeks. I just didn't feel up to doing the Harry Potter Book Review. Currently, I'm on book number five and it'll be so confusing if you haven't read the first books, so yeah. Liana's such a good story teller and now I want to read the book, but I don't have the book. Hmm. Well actually, for the first time, I have the book I'm writing about beside me, so maybe I can find some good quotes.

And I can say, this book is pretty good, but not exactly that high on my list. I mean their romance is not that deep and crazy because it's not the plot of the book.Anyways, I"ll try to find some romantic quotes. I mean, they did end up having sex in the end. (Don't worry, that's not the ending. Or maybe it's near the end, but it isn't important, because you knew Cass would end up with Bran anyways.)

"But I still take Bran's hand. Our palms meet, and this time, even after he's pulled me up from the ground, we don't let go."
This is where all the romance stuff starts....xD

"In answer, I lean in and kiss him. I never kissed a boy before, but I am possessed by immediacy. Now or never."
You see, this is where the love get deeper, of course.

"Bran presses is mouth to mine and blows air into my lungs."
Really, though, I just made this innocent line into something bigger. Well, really Cass was drowning, so yeah, but still...

" 'Then,' he whispers between kisses, 'do me a favor and stop thinking?' "
This is like really romantic, cuz they were like, in the lake, but gosh something just had to happen and separate them when they were right there!!! They didn't get to continue on, I was curious...gosh...

"Bran pulls me into his chest, kissing me hard. Neither of us want to stop, but Bran is the first to pull away."
Cuz they were about to separate...*cries*

"We are in bed, beginning the slow process of finding each other."
That was the OMG moment, I didn't know the book would go that far...I mean really, it seemed pretty amateur to me in the beginning, no offense. At least it's not as clearly described as Graceling, page 242.....

This is where I end. Even though they continue on witth more in bed scenes, well, you can read the book.

- Cindy Mai XD

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver Book Review

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver.
Book Review by Cindy.
Book Teaser:
I'm pushing aside the memory of my nightmare, 
pushing aside thoughts of Alex,
pushing aside thoughts of Hana and my old school,
like Raven taught me to do.
The old life is dead.
But the old Lena is dead too.
                                                 I buried her.
                                                 I left her beyond a fence,
                                                behind a wall of smoke and flame.

Cindy's Summary: Like I said, Pandemonium is the sequel of Delirium and to understand it, you must finish reading Delirium first. So, for those who didn't and want to read Delirium, then it's best if you don't continue on, for I will have to tell the ending to Delirium. Not in exact detail, but you would get the picture.  The teaser basically told you the ending, but I'll say it in literal language and not in that poem sort of way. So now, in Pandemonium, Lena Holoway must survive in the Wilds, without Alex and without anyone she knows by her side. Alex had died. The past is over. It's now that counts. Now, she must forget Alex and her past. After like a month or two, Lena finds a group of people who live in the Wilds and lives like a village. Everyone must work or help to something. So basically, the book goes on about Lena's new life and friends, living in the Wilds. Then, Lena meets Julian. Julian is a boy who believes in the government, whose dad is part of the top officials of the government. Julian thinks Invalids are yucky, a bad thing, you know, very negative, but it changes when Lena saves Julian's life. Julian finds out more about Lena, about Alex, Hana, her old life, and why she escaped to the Wilds. Unfortunately, Lena finds herself falling for Julian. As they got closer, Lena keeps thinking of all the things Ales does with her. Lena tries to push Alex away from her mind, and to help Julian go to the Wilds. After bringing Julian to the Wilds, to live with her, Julian wants Lena to stay with him forever and while Lena promises Julian and kisses him, someone steps out of the house. And that someone says, "I wouldn't believe her. And that someone is Alex. 

Rate: (1-10) 7.8

I totally gave the cliffhanging ending to Pandemonium this time. I mean, it doesn't exactly ends, because it's like a total major cliffhanger that makes you desperately want the third and final book, Requiem of the trilogy. OMG. See, I told you it's exciting, although I probably didn't make sound that exciting from my book review. I don't remember this book's details so well, because half the time, I was raving mad about Lena already letting her heart sail to Julian when Alex's been barely dead for half a year. Really. Although, she still remembers Alex, at least have faith that Alex is alive! Oh, but I think I know why Lena thinks Alex is dead. I didn't exactly explain the ending of Delirium too clearly, I just stated Pandemonium's beginning. Okay here goes. The ending of Delirium: Lena helplessly watch Alex get shot by the regulators. Alex was hit at least six times. 

Well yeah. I probably think Alex would be dead, but still, I thought Lena loves him!!! And I thought you get that feeling where the person you love is actually not dead. Okay, whatever, it's just important that Alex is like still alive. So yep. Even I told you the ending and you might not want to read it anymore, trust me, you should still read it, because someone told me the ending already before I read it, and the book explains this whole story a whole lot better. Maybe just that person who recommended the book to me didn't say the story clear enough, so I didn't understand her. Emily. She half screamed at my ear the whole time, ranting, "WHY! WHY! HOW COULD SHE FORGET ALEX!!!"  

But I think Delirium is better. Anyways, stay tuned, I will keep posting up book reviews for other books, but when I get my hands on Requiem, I'll definitely do a book review for Requiem, I promise. And I won't spoil it for you unless you l to know who Lena ended up with, you can always contact us, and I'll tell you.

And Liana, it's not that I haven't been posting because you haven't. You know, only three days had past, and I've been like busy, you know, unlike you, typing this all takes time, and the usage of a computer. So yep. Baii guys. Stayed tuned for more!!

- Cindy;)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cindy's Book Recommendation List

You see, i have like this "best books list" so I for some books, I don't even remember why they made it to my list. Anyways, they are like pretty good, so you should read some of them. The first few ones should be like a little younger more like 8-12 or something, since I wrote them down when I was younger.

- The Penderwicks on Gardam Street by Jeanne Birdsall.
            I forgot why this one is good, but I think the mom died and there are like 3 or 4 girls who have to live through their hard time with their dad or something. I don't really remember.

- Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech
            I think this is about a girl who became an orphan or something and had to go live with new foster parents. Or something and they have a different life. Or something. I think this is also a "get used to new lifestlye" book.

- Just a Summer Romance by Ann M. Martin
            Yep, a romance book. I remember this one clearly because I read it like literally 20 times. It's like really good if you appreciate romance. So it's about a girl named Melanie who goes to a vacation home with her family every summer at the beach in an island. This time, she met a boy whose like one year older than him. And after their summer romance, and the school year starts again, Melanie finds out the boy is not just a boy she met on the beach, but someone way more than an ordinary boy. It's like really interesting so read to find out!

- Haunted Waters by Mary Pope Osborne
            I don't really remember this book either, but I remember that it really catches me of something cool and fun to read. Like it's not like any other book about romance or adventure. Oh and I like mysteries too but it's just a book of its own genre. Maybe I'm wrong though, cuz i really cant remember much.

- The Report Card by Andrew Clements
            This book is not so far back that I don't remember about it, but it's more for like younger kids. Anyways, it's about a genius who hides it by purposely failing her tests. And I forgot the ending or the point of the story. I'm pretty sure there is one, so I probably just forgot.

- Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter
             Okay, now I feel like I got Pollyanna and Ruby Holler mixed. Maybe Pollyanna was the orphaned girl. Either way, I forgot.

- From the Mixed -Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
             This is another one of those stories I read once in while and enjoy it just like The Report Card. I don't even know why it go into my "best books list". Anyways, it's about a girl and a boy who has tons of siblings and finds life unfair or whatever and runs away and lives in a museum and finds Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. I have no idea why Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler is special. You'll just have to read the book because I'm pretty sure there was something special about her. i actually have that book in my bookshelf, but I"m too lazy to get it right now. Guess I'll have to reread it again. *Sighs*

- Charlotte's Web by E. B. White
              Charlotte's Web may be a really old classic, but it's actually a really good book. I kinda forgot what it was all about. All I remember was there was a pig and a spider who became friends. And the ending which I"m not gonna spoil for those who didn't read it. It was sad.

- The Tail of Emily Windsnap by Liz Kessler
             Another one of those random stories I just put down for no reason. Either way, this is about a girl who finds out she's a mermaid or whatever and that's all I remember. I think she has to make people who saw her as a mermaid loose their memory. And something about the Bermuda Triangle and that monster there. I forgot his name. You know, that famous monster who lives in the Bermuda Triangle and causes ships to sink when its passed by there.

-Emily Windsnap and the Monsters From the Deep by Liz Kessler
           This is the sequel of The Tail of Emily Windsnap. Okay, maybe the monsters thing was in this book. I wasn't if there were any romances. Maybe there was.

- Where the Red Fern Grows by (Sorry, I forgot to write down the author)
            This book is really sad. Oh, and I also like sad books because it  feels like it has a lot meaning to it. This book made me cry. Oh, I spoil the ending for you. So it's about this boy who get two baby hunting dogs and he grows really close to them. One day, there was like a mountain lion while they're hunting and older brother dog dies defending the boy. The younger sister loss her will to live. So basically, the dogs die defending the boy, so the boy sadly buried them. After a while, near the dogs' grave grew a red fern, which is considered very rare and really good luck. Either way, it's really sad. And deep meaning of loving your dogs. LOL.

- My brother Sam Is Dead by James Lincoln Collier (216 pages)
           Maybe this is one of my story books, but pretty sure it was sad, but probably not as sad as Where the Red Fern Grows. I think the brother Sam goes off to war or something and he died. I totally forgot the climax or the moral of the story.

- The Last Grail Keeper by Pamela Smith Hill
            I'm pretty sure this is one my entertaining story books. So yah. You know, interesting girl gets important role......

- Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by Rick Riordan
            I love these series. Even though there were barely any romance, it has so much adventure and interesting ideas. I read these series so much times, I literally could write the summary for all 5 books without looking through the book. FYI: Book 1: The Lightning Thief
                                                Book 2: The Sea of Monsters
                                                Book 3: The Titan's Curse
                                                Book 4: The  Battle of the Labyrinth
                                                Book 5: The Last Olympian

- Frozen Summer by Mary Jane Auch
             I think the main character's older sister died, therefore, it seems like her whole summer is like winter again. Maybe it was actually a long winter and summer never came for real. I don't really remember.

- A Corner of the Universe by Ann M. Martin (189 pages)
             This book is about a girl learning about her mentally ill uncle or something. And learns lessons, I guess. I don't remember this one that much either.

- I, Coriander by Sally Gardner (280 pages)
             All I remember is that a girls' father died or something so therefore,she has to become queen, but I thin she got exiled in the end.

- Princess Academy by Shannon Hale (314 pages)
            Oooh,t his book is actually pretty good. Even it's like one of my story books, it's a pretty good one. So apparently, the king learns form his priest that his 7th son, Prince_____, I forgot his name, has to marry some girl from this small village and all girls from a certain age to a certain age have to go this school, who has like a really strict teacher. The academy basically teaches the girls manners and such and the prince gets to pick whichever girl he wants.But the main character plays an important role even though she wasn't picked as princess because she saved all the pre-princesses' lives from bandits and almost got herself killed. I remember ending this time, but you exactly get it if I just say the name the prince chooses.

- Dragon Keeper by Carole Wilkinson (339 pages)
            Another one of those enjoyable stories. I think the girl found a dragon who is about to die or maybe not. Anyways the dragon has a dragon egg and asks the girl to keep it away from evil forces.

- Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech (280 pages)
           I seriously forgot what this was about. But all I remember is that it was pretty good and I think the main character is a boy who has to like get used to his new lifestyle something.

- After the Rain by Norma Fox Mazer (249 pages)
          All I remember is that this takes place during the Civil War and the girl describes her life or something.

- Anna of Byzantium by Tracy Barett (209 pages)
            I get this mixed up with I, Coriander. I'm pretty sure Coriander is a boy, cuz the name sounds like a boy. I'm pretty it's Anna the one who became Queen at a young age and later on got exiled.

- Starry, Starry Night by Lurlene McDaniel (255 pages)
             This author writes really sad books. This book has 3 short stories about teenage girls and something they regretted or learn.

- Elsewhere by Garbrielle Zevin
             What can I say. It's just a really good book. In the book, it is said that after you die, you go to this place called elsewhere, then you get younger every year until you're born back into the world again.

- The War With Grandpa by Robert Kimmel Smith
            I remember that this is actually a picture book or a really short chapter book. It's about a little boy who is like really close with is grandpa until one day, he had a fight with his grandpa and wouldn't speak to his grandpa. One day, after he got home from school, he found out his grandpa died. He felt so guilty.

-Vampire High by Douglas Rees
           This is one of those enjoyable story books. It's about this guy who is new to school and finds out that it's filled with vampires.

- A Circle of Silver by Maxine Trottier
            Even though I used this book for a book report in 6th grade, which was like last year, I really forgot what this book was about. Except I know it took place in the past. Maybe it's historical fiction or something.

- The Allegra A Biscotti Collection by Olivia Bennit
            This is about a girl who designs clothes and pretended to be an older women and sold her outfits to a magazine director or something. Then, she has to go through all these excuses why she can't meet up with the professional magazine director or something.

- How To Be Popular b Meg Cabot
          It is about a girl who is like best friends with a boy, who lives next to her and grew up with her, and she knows his grandmother really well. When the boy's grandmother was cleaning her attic or something, she came across this book that tell you How to Become Popular and the girl took it. And somehow along the way, she fell in love with her best friend or maybe she was in love already all along. Either way, at the end, the girl decided the book isn't trustworthy. You need to read the book to get the romantic part cuz I'm not such a good romance describer.

- My Double Life by Janette Rallison (265 pages)
          My Double Life is about a girl who lives in a small hometown, and she looks like almost identical to this famous celebrity who is like a few years older than her. They look so alike that when someone posted a picture of her on the internet, the celebrity's personal manager comes and asks her why they put the celebrity's picture online without the permission of the manager. When the manager realizes that she's actually anther person, the manager hires her to become the celebrity's double and pretend to be her at mini concerts and such. That's when the main character (I forgot her name) finds out she actually have the same father as that celebrity. And the father is also a famous celebrity. Both her sister and her father doesn't know who she is. Okay, I"m such a bad summary writer.

- It's a Mall World After All by Janette Rallison (230 pages)
             The author writes really nice romance stories. So this girl named Charlotte said that she wouldn't ever date the jerks, which is basically all the guys, at her school. And her friend tries to convince her. Then, she feels like her best friend, Brianna's boyfriend, Bryan, is like cheating on Brianna, but Brianna does't believe her, so Charlotte pretends to like this popular guy called Colton, but she ends up falling for him for real.

- Snow~Walker by Batherine Fisher (507 pages)
            I think it takes place up in the north where there's always snow and there's like this evil women who has very powerful magic and rules the land. This one brave girl traveled to the queen's palace to stop her, and found the queen's son, whose just as powerful as the queen, in fact, the only one who could face the queen. Together, the girl and the queen's son tries to destroy the evil queen, and I'm pretty sure they fell in love too.

- Play to the Angel by Maurine F. Dahlberg (186 pages)
           I think it was about this girl whose brother was a really talented piano player, but he died, so now she feels like she has to make it up to him by being int he audition, but she has a bad case of stagefright. Luckily, there was a even more awesome piano player who lives upstairs from and there she learns how the play the piano really well and a surprising secret of her neighbor.

- Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFluer (262 pages)
          I think the main character either didn't want to or went to a camp. And she has a sister. And she got mad to her parents or something. I forgot what this book is about.

- Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (312 pages)
          This book is about this girl who is really addicted to shopping,she lies however ways to get money to buy stuff. She has a lot of billionaire friend and likes this one guy whose a billionaire. Sorry, I just cant's seem to make this book interesting, talking like this, so just go ahead and read the book.

- The Maze Runner by James Dashner (374 pages)
           The Maze Runner has a really interesting plot that I've never read before. It talks about this boy named Thomas who wakes up in this tiny group of boys who lives in a cave and have to try to find a way to get out of the maze. All the boys don't have their old memories except their name. This book is the first book of the a trilogy, I must say the ending sucks. Thomas doesn't even end up with the right girl and it hints that they will have sex. I know I just told you the partial ending of the series but whatever.

- The Year My Sister Got Lucky (370 pages)
         This book is about  really close sisters who moved to this really tiny town because of their parents' work. The sisters are 3 years apart and they tell each other everything. But when they moved to the new town, her sister immediately starts hanging out with boys, and becoming more popular. The main character/ the younger sister wasn't jealous, because, she was her sister. But when she found out her sister was keeping secrets from her, she invaded her sister's privacy and everyone got mad at yah. Finish reading the book to find out what happens next.

- Always and Forever by Lurlene McDaniel (232 pags)
           This book is actually a combination of two books, but it made me think a lot. It's like the saddest ending ever. I mean, even though, other books made me cry, at least it had a good ending. I'll tell you the ending of this book, cuz once I'll tell you what's it about, you'll probably realize why it's so sad. So there' this like 17-year-old girl who has the perfect life. She got into tennis camp or something and she finally is dating her crush, but she started having bruises everywhere and she finds out she has leukemia, basically, blood cancer. She has to go through many treatments and stay at the hospital for a few months. Then, when she went back to school, kids avoided her, teachers treat her like she would die any minute, and her boyfriend dumps her for a different girl. She has her close friend, whose mom doesn't like her very much and her really close brother and her parents of course by her side. So the book goes on her suffering through her cancer. After like a year, they say  she's getting better, but suddenly, she recrahses and is in a desperate need of bone marrow or something. So her brother donates some of his to his sister, but the transplant didn't go really well and the girl's heart failed. It's like a really sad book that made me cry like heck. This is actually the first time I came across a book when the main character dies. You really don't know how sad it is until you read the book.

- Dragonfly by Julia Golding (390 pages)
          Dragonfly is so romantic. I love this book. It's where the princess and prince is forced to marry to keep kingdom alliances, but they just hate each other until they get kidnapped and slowly falls in love.

- Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler (290 pages)
         This book is about two good friends who are going to vacation in California and the main character's best friend wants the main character, Anna to have a contest to like date 20 boys. But Anna hadn't told her best friend that she already had her romance with her best friend's older brother, Matt, who died a year ago from a car crash. Anna has to learn to get over Matt. Okay, see, when you don't know a character's name, it gets so choppy you don't understand it.

- The Sky is Everywhere (275 pages)
           Yay this is the last book on the list. So this book is about this girl called Lennie whose older sister died.Her older sister's boyfriend, Toby spent time with her to get over Bailey, but they start hugging and kissing and making out instead even when Lennie and Toby doesn't want to. At the same time, Lennie likes this boy, Joe and they started dating, but she has to cover up the fact why Toby is always there at her house. Everything totally blows up when Joe sees Lennie and Toby kissing and now Lennie has to find a way to tell Joe her true feelings towards him. Okay, the name Joe is so unromantic, but his last name, Fontaine and the character's personality is romantic. I especially like the French last name, Fontaine.

Haha. Liana must hate me now. I bet she won't even read this far. Sorry for like writing so much. You should feel sorry for me instead. I had to type all this up.

Anyways, baii!!

Delirium by Lauren Oliver Book Review

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Book Description: (I currently don't have the book right now so I got it off of this website:
      Before scientists found the cure, people thought love was a good thing. They didn’t understand that once love -- the deliria -- blooms in your blood, there is no escaping its hold. Things are different now. Scientists are able to eradicate love, and the government demands that all citizens receive the cure upon turning eighteen. Lena Holoway has always looked forward to the day when she’ll be cured. A life without love is a life without pain: safe, measured, predictable, and happy.
       But with ninety-five days left until her treatment, Lena does the unthinkable: She falls in love.

Cindy's Description: So what can I say? Delirium takes place in the future where love is considered a disease called "amor deliria nervosa". Therefore, at the age of 18, boys and girls have evaluations to get the cure from scientists at the science lab. During her evaluation, 17-year-old Lena Holoway had really wanted to get thee cure and be "safe" and "happy" in the future, not like her mom, who went crazy with love and apparently, suicides. But that was all before she met Alex, whom she caught the "deliria" from. As she talks more and more with Alex, she realized Alex isn't the safely cured, 18-year-old boy, but actually from the Wilds. Wilds is the place United States is safely bordered off from and where the Invaleds live. Invalids are people who defied the cure and ran away from the government. Then and there, Lena also learned that the government lies, the cure is far from making people "safe" and happy". Two weeks before Lena is due to get her cure, she got caught with Alex by the regulators. Luckily Alex ran away, but Lena was strapped down to her bed. Less then a day before Lena's cure, Alex goes to her and asks her to run away with him to the Wilds. She agrees. Now you need to read the book to find out what happened in the end.

Rate: (1-10): 8.5

So Delirium is part of a trilogy and Pandemonium is its sequel. I'll do a book review on Pandemonium too. The third book, Requiem, doesn't come out till February, 2013. This series is like really good, so I can't wait to find out the ending in Requiem. Yep, this is an obvious romance book. I like romance books, but not too mushy mushy. Dramas too. I like books and dramas where they're in love and can't be together. And they're crazy in love, but not soo over-board crazy like that Korean drama, "Secret Garden", they were so in love, it was disgusting. I like that Korean drama called "City Hunter" where the guy is like the anonymous Robin Hood, who kidnaps the evil government officials and turn them in. Except the girl is the government's bodyguard, so they actually go against each other, but outside of work, they're like in love. Okay, I shall quit talking about dramas before Liana blows her head off. LOL.

Anyways, I got this book recommendation from my friend called Emily Lo so thanks to her. And I dont' have quotes from the book like Liana, since I don't have the book. Oh and this book actually have a couple of sex scenes, so it's like PG-13 unless you're an advanced reader, like me and Liana, and don't really care. Liana's like 14, okay, I think she's 13 since her birthday's in September, but she's going to 9th grade and I just turned 13. I wasn't sure if I was 13 when I read it though. LOL. I'm pretty sure I was. 

Since this is a blog about books, I can say all my book recommendations, right? Okay, I'll probably do the recommendations before I write about Pandemonium.

Anyways, baii!!
- Cindy