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Update (like 3 years later):

Wow. I had no understanding what writing a book meant. Needless to say, this probably is not happening, although the idea of it is fun. But reading over this is so cringeworthy. I should probably focusing on reading my cringy college personal essays instead. :/


Like I said, because a few people wanted me to write a book, I've announced that I will write a book. ;)
I haven't started the book yet. There's no title. Only the beginning. Because Liana wanted me to, I'm going to post the beginning/plot of the book so far. Liana can be my editor!! My book probably won't go as far, but I'll try. LOL. That's it....the book's about romance, of course, but I  haven't thought about how it happens yet or exactly when it happens, although I have a general idea of where it happens. See, it gets confusing, but I'm going to post the bullet points of the book. And I would also accept any ideas for the book and such. I'll put you in the acknowledgments page! LOL.

Scroll to bottom to start reading...... (it will be in blue)
I know it's hard to read at this, so you can download the epub file here, ;D :

"Book" Plot

Main Character: 15-year-old girl, _________ (name?)
Additional Characters: 17-year-old boy,__________ (name?) (16-year old?)
                                   Main character's sister,_______(Taria? Rashira?)
                                   Main character's parents  
                                   Mean, stuck up rich girls
                                   (that's it so far.....)
Setting: In a village, (name?)
Bullet Points/Ideas: Parents are poor farmers with little land/crops/money.
                              Girl finds it depressing, so she leaves without telling her parents
                              Somehow, her sister catches her while she's getting ready to leave. Younger sister cries                                to sleep instead.
                              Before, the girl leaves, she looks around her run-down cottage and closes her eyes and imagines a grand house with a happy sister, then she walks out of the door.
                              Girl would go to the city (somewhere pretty far away from home, to look for a job)

That's it for now, even though there's more.......the romance part....I won't tell you where it comes in.

August 14th, 2012
So here it comes, I written the draft of Inevitable, the book I'm writing. This is straight from the notebook, I haven't really corrected the mistakes that are pretty hard to correct and involves thinking yet. This is just Chapter One because I'm still working on Chapter Two. I need this small part, so yep. I'll post up Chapter Two for later. Also, my book buddy, Liana thought up the title for me. Do you like it? The sad part is that I could barely pronounce my own title. LOL.

Inevitable Chapter One 

"Wait! Don't leave yet!" he says.

How did he know I was going to leave? I turned around to face the boy I've seen so much the past two months. I gulped, hard. I know I have to leave him behind.

"Why won't you take me with you? I know I'll be helpful! We can start a life together!"

It's now or never, my brain thought. Am I really supposed to put my love life before my family? "I'm sorry, Bran." I whispered through my hair. Then I turned and ran.


I heard my name being screamed into the air. Oh, no! I widened my eyes. It has to be Rae. I turned my head to look for Rae, but the next thing I knew, I was facing the dirt road.

"Are you alright?" the sweet, little innocent voice of my younger sister asks, reminding me of all the times I spent with her in our small little village, Feyton.

Tears whelmed into my eyes.

"Are you seriously crying like a little girl, Elle? Even I don't do that anymore! Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Oh, Arabelle." Rae says, shaking her head with a sigh.

Rae's acting brings smiles to my lips, but reality instantly goes through my mind again.

"Listen, Rae. Tell mom I'm going somewhere and it's going to be a while before I go back home."

"Where are you going? I want to go too!"

A solemn smile flashes across my lips. "Rae, just do what I say okay? And tell mom I'll send letters explaining."


"It's getting dark, Reina. Go home before mom worries."

Before Rae could say anything, I stood up, leaving my sister on the road and sprinted towards the gate that leads to the main road. I've got minutes before the gate closes for the night.

Quickly, I checked my pockets for all the belongings I'm bringing along. The stack of cash?

Yep. It will last at least a month in the city, enough time for me to find a job. That is, if I don't get robbed along the road.

Dad's watch?

Yep. Mom's going to hate me for it, but I need a reminder of home and especially Dad.

And lastly, my heart. I knew I couldn't focus with my heart still half at home With a firm nod, I sprinted to the gate and slipped out towards the dark road of my new life.

~ So that's it for now!

Inevitable Characters

I don't have my personal artist like Liana but since it's a chapter book or an young adult book, I doubt it will have pictures. But I have already planned like a lot of characters so I'll just tell you the character names. I won't spoil some character surprises. I'll tell you about the main character though. Only about Arabelle since she appeared already. And maybe her sister Reina, but not anybody else that appears including Chapter Two because they are surprises, even for Arabelle. Liana might have an idea of what I was talking about, but probably not in Chapter anyways here are the characters.

Arabelle Sterling
 - main character
 - AKA Elle

Reina Sterling
 - Arabelle's sister.
 - AKA Rae

Kendell Rickwood ;)

Josh Vontaine

Robert (for various reasons, I won't tell his last name.)

Mariette (again, for various reasons, I won't tell her last name.)

Lindsey Hollister

Erin (I'll keep their last names a secret too.)

Larissa  ^

So that's all I planned. There will probably be some more added characters. And to learn the secrets behind the characters, stay in tune!!! Although that might be a while.....

Inevitable Chapter One - Edited

I owe you guys this for like a really long time, but i was just too lazy to do this. So my editor, Liana Chau, also known as my book buddy, lol, had a  fun time editing this. And she did like a lot. So yah. Have fun reading the new version~

"Wait! Don't leave yet!" he shouts.

How did he know I was going to leave? I turn on my heel to face the boy I've seen so much in the past two months. I gulped, hard. I knew I had to leave him behind, so why did I feel so reluctant?

"Why won't you take me with you?" he blurts. He's serious. I see it in his expression. He reddens, his tan skin turning a shade of scarlet, which looks quite cute on him, and I realize I've been staring for a second too long.  "I know I'll be helpful!" he continues recklessly, obviously not giving up. " We, uh.." he hesitates. "we can start a life together." he says quietly.

It's now or never, I thought. If I don't leave soon, I fear I won't be able to leave later. Am I really supposed to put my love life before my family? "I'm sorry, Bran." I whispered through the curtain of hair that hung in front of my face, not caring if he heard or not. Then, I ran.


I heard my name being screamed. Oh, no! I widened my eyes. It has to be Rae. I turned my head to look for my little sister, but the next thing I knew, I was facing the dirt road, having carelessly crashed into a tree.

"Are you alright?" the sweet, little, innocent voice that I'm so familiar with asks, concern full in the tone, reminding me of all the time I spent with her in our small little village, Feyton.

Tears filled my eyes, threatening to spill. 

"Are you seriously crying like a little girl, Elle? Even I don't do that anymore! Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Oh, Arabelle." Rae says, shaking her head with a sigh, her brown hair floating about in the wind.

Rae's acting brings a sad smile to my lips, but reality's harshness instantly goes through my mind again, and the smile disappears.

"Listen, Rae." I look her in the eyes.  "Tell Mom I'm going somewhere and it's going to be a while before I come back home."

"Where are you going? I want to go too!" she whined. She was rarely like this. She hardly ever whined, much less threw tantrums. 

A solemn smile flashes on my face. "Rae, just do what I sayokay? And tell mom I'll send letters explaining."

"But-" she starts to protest. I silence her with my next statement.

"It's getting dark, Reina. Go home before mom worries." 

Before Rae could say anything, I stood, leaving my sister on the road. I sprinted toward the gate that leads to the main road. I have minutes before the gate closes for the night, and I won't get another chance for a whole twenty-four hours if I miss this one.

Quickly, I rummaged in my pockets for all the belongings I planned to take. The stack of cash?

Yep. It will last at least a month in the city, enough time for me to find a job.

Dad's watch?

Yep. Mom's going to hate me for it, but I need a reminder of home
, and especially ,Dad.

And lastly, my heart. I knew I couldn't focus with my heart still half at home. With a firm nod to myself, I sprinted past the gate and melted into the darkness of the road that would be the first step to my new life.

Inevitable - Chapter Two - Edited

 Here's Inevitable-Chapter Two!

The main road that leads to the city was dark and dangerous, espcially at night.

Great. I thought. I came out just in time for my doom facing bandits alone. With a sigh, I look towards the side of the road, where the bushes are which made a great hideaway for both bandits and travelers.

Looking at the dark shadows of the medium-sized bushes, I smacked my forehead. Oh! Why had I forgotten a flashlight? Oh well. I will have to deal with what I have now.

I crept closer to the edge of the road, getting ready in case any bandits come flying out at me.

When I made sure no one was behind the bushes, I patted the soft ground and lied down. I can't be picky in these situations. Falling asleep this early may be hard, but there is nothing to do but to rest.

In the distance, I thought I heard a horse, but I don't care. I already drifted off to sleep.

Minutes later, I've been startled awake by this bright light. Blinking, I quickly sat up.

Bandits! Run! my brain yelled.

"Well, what do we have here?"

"I'm no one special. Go away!" I turned my head towards the direction of the voice.

"Oh, don't scare her like that." a women's voice sounded, surprising me.

I didn't know women also become bandits.

"Oh, dear. You must be shocked that we pried you awake, but we just had to make sure you were not dead." the women continued.

"What is a young lady doing on the road alone?" the man's voice questioned.

"Umm...I'm heading back to the capital to find my father." I lied. In truth, my dad left our family more than 8 years ago, right before Reina was born. We already believe that he's dead.

"We're heading back to the capital, too. We just visited our son, Josh in the nearby village. And by the way, my name is Robert. And this is-" Robert spoke.

"-Mariette." Mariette interrupted.

I then wondered. What would a young child be doing in a village when they live in the magnificent city?  But then I decided it was the cue to introduce myself instead. "My name is Arabelle Sterling, but you can call me Elle."

"Sterling, huh? Any chance related to the high official, Ashton Sterling?" Paul asked.

"Oh, no." I don't know anyone in the government." I hastily replied.

"Hmm..." Paul hmmed while stroking his nonexistent beard. "Do you want to us to take you to the capital? It beats facing bandits and a two week walk alone."

Seeing how nice and kind-faced the couple are, I decided it was safe to ride with them. They won't kidnap me, my mind reassured. "Okay, sure." I said.

"Well, go right on the carriage. Ladies first." Robert said with a twinkle in his eye, just like how my father was when he talked.

"You don't have any belongings?" Mariette questioned, just like my mother would, peering back at the bushes.

I shook my head. Partly because I wanted to get rid of the thought about Robert and Mariette being my parents. "No, they're all in my pockets."

"Well, climb on, dear!" Robert urged.

While I was ascending the carriage, I couldn't help but notice how refined the couple are. Nice, rich clothing. A carriage that probably worth more than the house I live in. Or lived in, in this case.

"Go to sleep, Arabelle. You'll need plenty of energy in the city, trust me." Mariette suggested.

I looked out of the window towards the wonderful night sky. Breathing the fresh air, I realized I couldn't believe my luck. "Oh, I will." I answered Mariette.

With a slap from the reins, the driver of Robert and Mariette, or should I say the horse, took us racing on the road, straight towards the capital city. I can't turn back now, even if I wanted to. Wiht a happy sigh, I drifted off to sleep to the rythm of the horseshoes sounding on the road.

Whatever obstacle or help I get, along the way to the city and in the city, is something kind of similar to fate. It's unavoidable.\

What ya think? Please note that this version might be different from the one written or the one on my notebook, since I go back and reread and make changes along the way.

Okay, I feel like posting Chapter 3 because I swear the ending of it will make you smile. ;) Because it makes me smile every time I read it, and I wrote it too. Haha. Yeah. I'm so conceited.

Inevitable Chapter Three - Edited

"Okay, we're here by the gate to the capital, sweetie." Mariette called to me.

Wow, I realized while I was blinking away the brightness of the city lights by the gate, I slept through the whole 7 hours of the ride. The carriage was parked close to the gates, however not by the city lights, letting it be seen immediately, leaving me to the question: Why?

"We're heading to a friend's place who lives just outside of the capital. Will you be alright if I leave you here by the gate? There should be a gatekeeper nearby." Robert said. 

I nodded as I climbed out, "Yeah. I can make it by myself. Thank you."

"Here's a business card if you have any trouble. You can call us or find someone to contact us," Mariette said, handing me a tiny white rectangular card. 

"Bye!" I called to them as they pulled away from the wall. As they waved back, I stuffed the card into my pocket without a second glance. Where do they expect me to find a phone? Or a person for that matter? Well. I see that I need all the help I can get.

With a deep breath of fresh air, I looked towards the bright city gates, with anticipation and a flowing sense of freedom in my eyes. I took a step closer to the gate and smiled. I finally made it. Now, my adventure officially starts! The buildings stands tall above the city walls. The inside of the gate is dark- therefore I cannot see beyond the gate.  However, I can see the slight outline of the buildings that stand tall- I can see that they are newly built and they look quite sturdy. Living here would be grand.  I thought, thinking about the run-down cottage I lived in with Mom and Rae. 

For some reason, I felt some butterflies in my stomach, like I was about to start a test I knew I wouldn't pass. Ignoringthe feeling, I walked up towards the gate, and demanded an entrance from the gatekeeper. But before I could take two steps, I was suddenly seized from behind, and was pushed to the side of the road, where the bushes were. Where nobody could see me, if someone killed me right now. I tried to scream, but a gag was stuffed in my mouth, so I tried to kick my abductor instead. My kicking did not connect with anything. I knew I couldn't get away. 

While thinking of ways to escape, my mind running wild, I was suddenly spun around, faced with my kidnapper. I still couldn't see their face, which was hidden by the shadow of his hood.

"What are you doing here?"
The rough voice surprised me. I honestly didn't know what I was expecting. It sounded as if he drank a cup of sand, the little particles still stuck in his throat, interfering with his voice.

I was certain my kidnapper was a man. Either way, why would a kidnapper even care to kidnap someone like me?Isn't all they want is money? I wanted to answer, but I couldn't speak with the gag still in my mouth. 

I guess the guy finally came to his senses and realized I couldn't speak, and took the gag out of my mouth gingerly, with two of his fingers like the gag was literally poison. He threw the gag on the ground carelessly, just over his shoulder, and demanded once more, "What are you doing here?"

"Errmm," I pondered on whether or not I should lie. " Well. I could ask you the same thing." Great. My smart-aleck mouth was back.I might as well get killed if I keep this up. Even without looking at him, I could feel his eyes squinting down at me in irritation.

Nervously, I looked toward the gate. I was  that close to making it. What sins had I ever performed to be in this damned fate? "Well, I mean, I'm heading to the city. You?" Okay. Now I'm really planning out my murder. 

After a few long moments of standing there, the guy finally loosened his grip on me. "Well," he cleared his throat, "the city gates are closed at this time of the morning."

This time, I squinted at him. Who was this guy? What the heck? Why would he care?

When he lifted his face up towards the midnight blue sky, his breath puffing out like cigarette smoke, I finally got a glimpse of his face. To my surprise, he actually seemed my age. That view just caused more questions to flash through my brain. What is someone like him doing out here at night? Oh my God.. Is he...? A question that went through my mind suddenly appeared at my lips. "Are you a hobo?"

Right after my question slipped, I slapped my left hand against my mouth, and gave him, what people considered to be a, toothy grin.

"Uhhh. I meant, are you the gatekeeper?" I said, trying to cover my slip-up.

The guy raised his eyebrows., "A hobo and a gatekeeper seem like a great difference to me." 

Before I could reply, I heard an ear-piercing whistle.

"What was that?" I asked him.

"The signal that says it's time for me to go." was the reply I got. He gave me a bemused smile. "Well...."

"Arabelle." I filled in my name for him.

"I was about to say, little girl." 

"I'm not that much younger than-"

"I'd better get back in the city before I get accused of running away with a little girl."

Speechless, I looked at him as he walked towards the gate.

When he turned back around, I thought he was going to slam the gate in my face, but instead the words that come out of his mouth shock me: "Are you coming or not?" 

Willingly, my two feet walked me to the city gate. 

As I walked closer to the gate, I saw an older man, step out of the shadows. "Well, what have you got from your shift, Kendell?" 

The guy named Kendell merely smiled at the man and slightly bowed his head. Then, he motioned for me to follow him down the wide street with a wave of his hand and a cock of his head. 

We stopped not far from a tall building, with the glass shining, catching its glares from the first few rays of the morning sun. 

"Go in the building and they will help you." Kendell said.

I gave him a grateful smile, "Thanks for everything!"

"No problem," was the only answer I got back before that guy disappeared behind the corner of another building down the street, like a ghost that disintegrated into thin air.

As I entered through the doorway of the building, I looked around and tried to digest the glamours and embellishments that decorated the entire room, the glamours that created tiny rainbows that reflected onto the walls.

"May I help you?" a voice spoke up towards the left side of the room.

I turned my head to the voice and spotted a middle-aged woman, with her straight, black hair tied up in a high ponytail, standing behind a beige counter.

I beamed at her. I don't know why I was so happy. Maybe it's because I'm alone by myself, not being closely guarded by my mother. Maybe it's because I actually dared to set foot in such a grand place. Maybe it's because I have a tiny chance of surviving in the city. Or maybe it's simply because I met a guy named Kendell.

;D How is Chapter 3? Did you smile? LOL It's only good and all because my awesome editor (aka my book buddy) edited it. Except it was me who did the ending. So she can't get credit for that. She basically helps with my grammar and help the book be more descriptive. 

And also, I can't decide how to spell Kendell/Kendall. One second, I'm spelling it one way, and the other second, I'm spelling it the second way. LOL. I'll worry about those later. Yea. 


  1. I think I need to re-edit everything because of the grammar tense

  2. The tenses are changing from past to present. Are you going to make it in past or present tense?

  3. I know. I have problems with using my past and present terms. I want it in present tense but my 'editor' have other ideas and a past tense verb would slip while I'm writing.:/


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