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Friday, June 28, 2013

eReader VS Paperback

Hmmm...Long time since I did a discussion post. The last one was about Love Triangles. I should like make a banner for these discussions too, but it takes too much work. Haha. Kk. I know there are a lot of discussions about eReaders and Paperbacks, but well well....I might as well contribute.

What are the positives things of an eReader? (Nook HD+)
Okay. A list?
- Many books in one device
- I don't need to move to get books
- Highlight quotes/Take notes
- Jump pages easily
- Multiple bookmarks without looking crazy (trust me. I took a book with lots of sticky notes on the side for quotes and some guy at school asked me why I had so many bookmarks. :/) 
- Read the books immediately after purchase (don't have to wait for it to come.)
- See a book you like? Buy it immediately!
- Go online and other websites
- Visit your blog so you can get more views.....(LOL. I don't do that. I rather read.)
- Play games. 
- Doesn't break when I accidentally drop it
- Talk, chat, Goodreads, apps. Whatever.
- Go on Google and fangirls over #guys #books etc. without your mom knowing. 

What  is something bad about an eReader?
- The battery dies on you.
- Runs out of battery fast (when you read all day)
- Sometimes the page lags when you try to turn it. ;/
- Bright. Hurt your eyes. And even when you can turn it down....I don't like reading dark. 
- It have problems. Just problems. Like a computer. 
- Fails at a download. Especially when you're trying to get a book from your email. Ugh.
- Cannot turn PDF to ePub or mobi immediately. ;( 
- Hard to type in
- Just not as good as a computer.....or an ipod....when doing other stuff, such as not reading. 

What's good about physical books? #Paperbacks #Hardcovers #ARCs
- You can touch them. Feel them. Kiss them. (Not really.) Smell them. Etc.
- You actually feel like you own a book. 
- You can put it on your bookshelf. Physically. 
- You can show it off to friends about all your books...on your bookshelf....physically.
- Other people can borrow them.
- It actually looks like you're reading a book.
- You can secretly read a book during class and not get in as much trouble when caught. (I really wish I could bring my Nook to school. omg.) 
- You can feel the cover and fandom how pretty it is without accidentally turning the page.
- It's a book!

What are some unsatisfactory things about a physical book?
- Pages can rip....and then you'll have to cry. 
- When people borrow them, they dirty your book...and you'll have to cry.
- You have a better chance of loosing a book than a whole eReader. (I hope.)
- In a way, costs more than ebooks.
- Wasting paper. Be eco-friendly. ;D 
- You might look like a book worm when you carry one around 24/7
- After you're done, it sits on your shelf with all the other books you have. (I'm fine with that.)
- You'll have to get up to get another book

Okay. So after all  that? Which one would I choose? I'm sorry, eReader. As much as I love you, I still like physical copies better. They're just more convenient. To hide. To read. In a way. So......sorry~ But I love all books! :) 

Which one do you prefer? 


  1. Nothing beats a physical book :P I am such an old fashioned gal in this way. I refuse to buy an ereader because I'm so obsessed with hardback/paperback books! But this was extremely fun to read :)
    Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story

  2. Excellent points! I love your list:) I personally don't prefer one over the other. I normally end up reading on my Kindle because I can get the books faster but I love seeing all of my favorite books stacked up on my shelf! I'm an old GFC follower but I just followed you with bloglovin as well :) Happy Friday.
    K @My Favorite Escape

  3. If you want to have an e-reader to read in the dark with aaaawesome light, it's the Kobo Glo. I read in the dark all the time, very easy on the eyes.

    I really like the things you said! I love my e-reader, but nothing is better than a paperback <3


  4. Two more things that ebooks have that physical books don't: dictionaries and backlight.

    But I still prefer my paperbacks/hardcovers.


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