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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Inevitable Characters

I don't have my personal artist like Liana but since it's a chapter book or an young adult book, I doubt it will have pictures. But I have already planned like a lot of characters so I'll just tell you the character names. I won't spoil some character surprises. I'll tell you about the main character though. Only about Arabelle since she appeared already. And maybe her sister Reina, but not anybody else that appears including Chapter Two because they are surprises, even for Arabelle. Liana might have an idea of what I was talking about, but probably not in Chapter anyways here are the characters.

Arabelle Sterling
 - main character
 - AKA Elle

Reina Sterling
 - Arabelle's sister.
 - AKA Rae

Kendell Rickwood ;)

Josh Vontaine

Robert (for various reasons, I won't tell his last name.)

Mariette (again, for various reasons, I won't tell her last name.)

Lindsey Hollister

Erin (I'll keep their last names a secret too.)

Larissa  ^

So that's all I planned. There will probably be some more added characters. And to learn the secrets behind the characters, stay in tune!!! Although that might be a while.....

~ Cindy ;)

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