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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cindy's Book Review: Wolves, Boys, & Other Things that might Kill Me by Kristen Chandler

Wolves, Boys, & Other Things that might Kill Me by Kristen Chandler.

I know what you are thinking....Wow! Such a long title!! At least that was  what I was thinking LOL.

Book Teaser: "What did you feel?" says Virgil.
"I don't know, " I say, wondering myself, "I felt, I feel, different."
Virgil stands next to me in the dark, close but far away. He laughs softly. "So, what, you're Wolf Girl now?"
I laugh, too. "Shut up, Virgil."
But I do feel different.
My mind hums. The spell of the day is wrapped around and inside of me. Eloise says wolves  aren't people,  but I wonder if people can be like wolves.

Cindy's Summary: Seriously, the teaser didn't tease me at all. I ended up thinking What? So this book is like all about wolves. The wolf discussion came up with all the problems and that made people in her town go against KJ Carson, aka Wolf Girl. KJ stands for Katherine Jean. I don't know why I told you that, but Katherine Jean actually sounds pretty, but KJ doesn't. Either way, this book was free and given to me, so I read it. It wasn't really a bad book. As much as it talked about wolves, there's surprisingly romance and even skin-contact. I wonder why some books with perfectly good characters for romance don't have any while a book mainly about wolves actually haves some. So basically, this book, as you know you already knows there's a Virgil, the new boy from Minnesota, whose a photographer for his mom, Eloise, who is an animal biologist or something. Which also leads to me to ask, how come the computer doesn't pick Virgil to be wrong spelling when there are some perfectly good names that are considered spelled wrong. And who has a name like Virgil anyways. Yep, this is going to end up me talking more about stuff than the book summary. So KJ is on the newspaper and started this column about wolves. Really, wolves....and it instantly became a hot topic too. People are actually really bias about them and pick sides.....and all that....either way, there were even gun shots at the Christmas parade and graffiti and even trying to burn down buildings. So KJ thinks that the person who did all those was a guy in her class called Kenner. She basically is accusing him, but surprisingly, the real person who actually committed those crimes was one person she would have never thought it was. He was quiet, gentle, good-thinking, and popular. I just won't tell you who.

Rate: (1-10): 8.3

So after my huge, long summary and bunched up together comments, it's time for quotes.

"Virgil Whitman. Solar smile. Naked hair.........."
For real, how do you have naked hair? Does that mean he's bald? I like solar smile though.

"Is he from Minnesota or the moon?"
Is Minnesota and Montana that different? Or is she from Mars? LOL.

" '....You look like you have a giant hickey.' "
Totally mean, but funny....I'm using that on Liana too... I seriously need a collection now....haha...

" 'Hey, kiddo. I brought you home dessert.'
He looks up at me and blinks.
She puts the bag of pastries on the table. 'Not her.....' "
This part was funny....If I were him, I wouldn't have thought wrong until the mom said 'not her...'....LOL. Then, I thought wrong after. I wonder how AJ would be when sees this...AJ, not KJ.

" ' think I'm gay or something?' (Virgil)
'You're not?' (KJ) "
 Oh my lord, just got bombed!!!!

" 'Life is too short to be sorry.' "
From now on, instead of saying 'You're welcome.' I'm going to say 'Life is too short to be sorry.' ;)

This review is short-quoted too, so I'll just end it with "LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE SORRY!"

- CINDY ;)

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