Friday, August 3, 2012

Get Any Book For Free!!!!!

Liana and I found the perfect way of getting an ebook for free.....really want a book? Don't own A copy? Well, then use our way!!!!!

Our way includes only two website.

These two help in every way.
The first link. would help you pick any book you have many different books, even best sellers for free!!!! That's where I got all my books. You can read in browser or download ebook, but I learned that epub file doesn't open on adobe or notepad or microsoft word.

That's when you use the second link, which Liana told me about and helps you convert files for free!!!! So you can own them and read them in your own time......this is like the best news ever.....see, those people who don't read our blog....gosh they miss out a lot!!!! And I mean, a lot!

So no need to have a super hard time, searching up stuff on google!!!!Use our way now!! It's fast and free!!!! What can be more awesome than this?

<3 Cindy ~

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