Thursday, August 2, 2012

Have you read Free Four by Veronica Roth yet?

Free Four is an excerpt from Divergent telling Tobias's point of view. Those who haven't read Divergent by Veronica Roth yet, I must tell you, it's an absolute MUST read. K? It's like in the ranks of Delirium and Legend. I'll do the book review tomorrow, but guess what, I found a free version!It's here

It's only an excerpt though.
Cuz guess where I found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's again!!!! The whole 13 pages!!!! Ahhh!!! I'm going wild....I'm starting to love epubbud now!!! And I'm pretty sure Liana haven't seen this yet!!!! Thank me for it later!!! ;D

Note: Don't read it yet, if you haven't read Divergent since it have some spoilers.

From Liana and Emily on Goodreads, I learned that Insurgent is not that good. Why the heck did I not buy Divergent from the book fair this was paperback and only like 6.99!!! Unless it was a different book...Grr.....

So yep....HAPPY READING!!!

~ Cindy ;D

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