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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Book Review: The Reluctant Goddess by A.F. Firebird

The Reluctant GoddessThe Reluctant Goddess
by A.F. Firebird
Release Date: March 31st, 2012
Publisher: POSE
Genre: Fiction 
ebook, 311 pages
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Goodreads Summary: Ellena Ripley is a bookshop owner from a rural town in the south of England – or so she thinks. But lately, she has a growing sense that life is not as it seems. At night, she dreams of a serene man who appears to be trying to tell her something; In the day, she can't shake a feeling of expectation. But of what? 

Meanwhile Hector, servant of LIFE and the man from Ellena's dreams, has a dilemma. How do you tell someone they are a goddess? His previous attempts have met with disaster so he must be cautious, particularly when his new trainee, Boudica, formerly Queen of the Iceni tries to help. The question is can they succeed before it is too late?

If you like your metaphysics spiced with humor and drama this book could be for you.

Cindy's Review:
At a Glance/The Cover:
I don't know what I really expected from this book. The teaser was amazing. And the idea of that plot. To me, it was fabulous. I like gods and goddesses. At least stories of them. Although, I'm not sure this is the best written of a story about a goddess. At first, I was a bit reluctant to read it, because the beginning wasn't as exciting, but later on, the book proved to be a bit more interesting. Having its plot taking flight, and finally we begin to see what it's about.

The Characters/Plot:
The Reluctant Goddess is mainly about Ellena. It's basically her story. Everything is about her finally realizing who she was. But the narrator seems to be Hector. Even now, I'm still confused of who he is. I mean, I got really confused. 

Hector - At first, I thought Hector was an angel. Then, I thought he was LIFE. Then, I finally found out he was the servant of LIFE. We don't really get to learn much about Hector except when he pops in between the stories about Ellena. Hector actually use a lot of effort to get Ellena to finally know herself again.

Ellena - Ellena owns a bookstore at a local place. In the beginning of the book, she has no idea that she is goddess. But she was getting impressions that she is different form other people. Ellena is actually a re-incarnation of Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion. Hector, Boudica, and Michael are trying hard for Ellena to learn who she really is, or try to get some memory back of who she is and what she is in this world for.

Overall Thoughts:
I mean, this book was alright, but it isn't one I would recommend to someone. The plot was definitely intriguing. That's a great plot there, but it's the contents that bore me. This novel didn't really have surprising twists and turns of excitement that you do want to get from a book when you read. 

Maybe if the author added another twist in the book, I think it will make The Reluctant Goddess a much more enjoyable book.

The Rating: (1-10): 6.5~

Happy Reading~ 

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