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Friday, November 16, 2012

Book Review: Eve by Anna Carey

Eve (Eve, #1)Eve (Eve #1) 
By Anna Carey
Release Date: October 4th, 2011
Publisher: HarperTeen
Format: Paperback ARC, 322 pages
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Goodreads Summary: The year is 2032, sixteen years after a deadly virus—and the vaccine intended to protect against it—wiped out most of the earth’s population. The night before eighteen-year-old Eve’s graduation from her all-girls school she discovers what really happens to new graduates, and the horrifying fate that awaits her. 

Fleeing the only home she’s ever known, Eve sets off on a long, treacherous journey, searching for a place she can survive. Along the way she encounters Caleb, a rough, rebellious boy living in the wild. Separated from men her whole life, Eve has been taught to fear them, but Caleb slowly wins her trust...and her heart. He promises to protect her, but when soldiers begin hunting them, Eve must choose between true love and her life.

Cindy's Review: So this is one of the books I got in Teen Read week. ;) Yes, it is another dystopian genre! I love dystopian. The romance in this one wasn't so bad. Anyways, let's get started!

The Cover: 
From the cover, I get the sense that she is running away from something. The bridge is reminds me of the Golden Gate Bridge even though it doesn't look like it at all. (I live near San Francisco, you see. So I can go there like anytime I want.) One more thing, I love the graduation color. (I had Art last year, and I just can't help but notice that too. LOL)

The Characters:
Eve is the main character in this book. In her society there are not that much humans after this total destruction thing, so the King ordered the girls to make babies. It totally sounds wrong and disgusting, but anyways, that happened. When Eve learned about that she is going to become one of those girls after graduation, she flees to the Wild, to the territory where the King isn't protecting. There, a boy named Caleb finds her and helps her get to her destination.

Caleb reminds me of Alex in Delirium. (But Alex is hotter.) Caleb basically lives in the Wild with a group of other boys. (He isn't born there like Alex was born in the Wilds though.) I don't really like the name Caleb. It just reminds me of Tris's brother from Divergent when he betrayed her at first. Even though he ends up helping Tris, I just can't help it.

The Plot/Concept:
As you know, when a guy meets a girl in a book, they're gonna fall in love. I think it was Eve's first time seeing a boy. LOL So through the book, Caleb and Eve barely escapes the soldiers that the King sent for Eve. When Eve gets to her destination, which is a safe camp for women only, she gets the decision of staying with Caleb in the dangerous Wilds, or staying safe in a safe camp with others.?

Besides the Caleb reminding me of other characters from one of my favorite dystopian books, I think this book reminded me of this one book I read about a slave girl running away from her owner, to a safe camp, also for women. The the whole running away in woods, trying to look for food, the running companion (not Caleb, it's Arden), and the safe camp. I forgot the title of the book though. I think the word Sunset is in it though. 

The Ending:
I told you like a lot in the plot/concept. Like I basically reached the end. If you answer the question I put up, then basically the book ends. So there isn't much I can tell you about the ending without spoiling it. 

The Good: 
Dystopian. I love dystopian. Yesh. Well, I don't really know. I guess this was a good, entertaining read. 

The Bad: 
I mean, this book isn't bad at all, but there are some things I suggest. 

First, since this book  takes place in the future, I think it should mention more about the future things. In the beginning, it seemed like this book was taking place in the future, but towards the middle part of the book, it could be taking place present day, for all I know.

Second, I think I've too much strong romance books that influenced me to this. But I think this romance isn't that strong. It's just one kiss. Or two. Like I don't scent that much jealousy and all that. Like Delirium. ;) Alex is totally to die for. 

Otherwise, I totally loved this book~

Rate: (1-10): 9.2

PS: After doing these book reviews, I feel like I just went a whole rant. LOL. It feels good afterwards. 

Happy Reading~


  1. I've been wanting to read this book for the longest time, I'll definitely have to pick it up soon :)
    Thank you for the review :) xxx

  2. I love me some dystopian books, too. I actually hadn't heard of 'Eve' before, so I might have to give this one a try.

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