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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Tour: Beg for Mercy by Shannon Dermott + Giveaway!




Everyone dreams of that first kiss. Of that magic moment when your lips finally meet those of that special person you’ve waited your whole life for. A little awkward, a little scary, a little hot and every bit amazing. We speculate that the whole world will shake and time will just stop. No one, however, ever imagines that kiss would be lethal.

Sixteen year old Mercy Moore's life got more than just complicated. The kiss that originally could have meant she would finally have a boyfriend, now was the kiss that could have very nearly ended his life. A small detail her mother conveniently never told her will take her life for an abrupt u-turn. Dating, no love, was now completely and utterly impossible.

But life, however cruel, goes on. Far too soon for her taste, Mercy finds herself at a party with the elite students of her school and her best friend. And of all things, playing a stupid game that could very well mean the death of someone in that small room. If it were not for her best friend, the hottest guys in school, and a small need to fit in, she may have been able to escape the disaster that was to come. Her worst nightmare, her personal curse, her very life, only gets dangerously worse.

Cindy's Review: 

Beg for Mercy left me in a jaw-dropping moment. I totally want more. I got so obsessed for it that I actually bought the ebook version from Barnes and Nobles without permission. Omg. 

There is like literally four guys chasing after her. Mercy is is half succabus and half human and that makes her a cambion. So like I got so crazy for this since the author told me there's gonna be a love triangle and now I'm like it's a love pentagon if that's possible. 

There's Flynn, the ultra bad boy but super hot looking. You get me? And they're about to share last names too. I'm not leaking out anymore. 

There's Paul, her basically best friend that she had dated two years ago. He is the only one who knows about Mercy's issues. That includes kissing humans may kill them. 

There's Sebastian who seems old to me. I don't know why Mercy's attracted to him at all. 
Like he's full demon too. 

And lastly, there's the golden surfer California boy, Luke Bishop. Totally eye candy according to Mercy. 

But the sad part is like she can't decide which one she loves. She loves all of them but there is one that she cares about the most. Too bad that's the one she can't be with the most. 

I can see everyone is being on sides. :) and sadly to say Paul doesn't have that much supporters. I'm on Team Luke! But Team Flynn would totally be here if Luke died or something. But I'll change my decisions later, as you can see in my review for Waiting for Mercy. 

When I first read this book, I didn't really expect anything much since it was an ebook and I normally don't read ebooks. But did it prove I was wrong. Whew!

Author Bio

Shannon first love was reading, diving into other realities to explore and brave new worlds. To share her writing is the best experience of all. Her first series explores the life and trials of being Mercy Moore, a teenage cambion. When Shannon isn't writing she loves to shop and watch horror movies that make turning out the lights seem like a stupid idea. You can explore more about her at her She can also be found on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.


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