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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

United We Spy Update~ AGAIN

I definitely had been keeping up with my Gallagher Girls series. :) 
So here again with a few more updates.

  • Chapter 2
  • Release Date
  • The Tour Stops

Found out that much for ya'll.

United We Spy (Gallagher Girls, #6)
Here's the cover. AGAIN.

Lemme start off with chappie dos. ~ Chapter Two.
*btw, I'm not Hispanic or Latino. I'm just taking Spanish 1. LOL.

So thanks to this person who commented on my last post named Dr. Mike, we got a link to chapter two also~

Yee. For those who can't wait for that release date. Here's more to Cammie's life. LOL. 

Time fo' the release dates~ I'm sure all of you guys already know, but as you know, being me, always a little bit late. I might as well tell it to you guys anyways. :) 

USA: September 17th, 2013.
England: September 4th, 2013. (which means they already got the book) Lucky them~ 

That was short. Okay. Onto that last bullet point.
THE TOUR STOPS. Whoopdeedoop. Omg. There are like so so so much tour stops. Like gurl. Woah. 

So like. Normally, I would do my individual way of showing you guys the tour stops and stuff. But there is SOOO much that I'm just way too lazy for it. So if ya'll don't mind, it's straight copy and paste from Ally Carter's blog. Of course, on my own color-coded way.

September 16: BookPeople (Austin, TX) at 7 PM

September 17: Hicklebee’s (San Jose, CA) at 7 PM
September 18: Copperfield’s (Petaluma, CA) at 4 PM !NEW TIME!
September 19: Kepler’s Books & Magazines (Menlo Park, CA) at 7 PM

September 20: Third Place (Lake Forest Park, WA) at 7 PM

September 21: Chapters Indigo (Broadway & Granville, Vancouver, BC) at 2 PM

September 23: Anderson’s Bookshop (Downer’s Grove, IL) at 7 PM *NEW LOCATION!!!!

September 24: Books of Wonder (New York, NY) at 6 PM

September 26: Books & Books (Grand Cayman) at 7 PM

September 27: Books & Books (Bal Harbour, FL) at 7 PM

September 28: Barnes & Noble (Fairless Hills, PA) at 4 PM

September 29: International Spy Museum (Washington, DC) at 1 PM

Yep. So many Northern California stops! OMG. But like, the closest one is Menlo Park. And like, it's only 30 minutes by car, but then it's freakin 2 hours by BART. And better yet, it's on a school night. I wanna go so bad. But then....yeah. *cries

Okay. Yeah. That's it for the post~ Sorry everything is in large font. I just feel like a large font right now.

Kk. Happy Reading, ya'll~ 

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