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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I recently read this random post discussion post from Book Passion for Life by Donna and Jess. And I decided to do a post of my own, including Inevitable in it! ;D Yea. Haven't talked about Inevitable since forever, man. Haha.

Their discussion was about love-triangles. And since Inevitable actually has one, I might as well talk about it! So here goes~

* Don't start the love-triangle as a sequel
I definitely won't start the love-triangle in my book as a sequel. I'm planning Inevitable to be a stand-alone cuz ya know, I just love amazing stand-alone books. ;D

* The heroine needs to choose a guy by herself and not be torn between two guys
Well, although Arabelle does consider the guys in the beginning, she will definitely choose the guy by the end of the book, since it's a stand-alone. Still deciding the ending though. ;) Although I do know which guy she's gonna end up with.

* Best friends do not count as lovers
I would disagree with this opinion if it was a 'The Boy Next Door' type of book. Because those relationships are the hottest. ;D But in a love-triangle? Hmmm....I would definitely go for the bad boy instead, like what Jess or Donna said (sorry I forgot which one said it. LOL)

* Don't make one of the love-triangle character (the boy) die
I was originally planning for this to happen in Inevitable, but then I felt really bad for the guy who was gonna die. He's too sweet and sounds really good as a boyfriend (yes, I'm totally falling for the guy she's not gonna end up with) ;'( But he does end up with someone else. No worries. I figured another girlfriend would be better than dying, right? LOL.

* Both guys should be introduced in the beginning of the book instead introducing the second one in the middle
I pretty much got this down. I mean, the two guys in Inevitable had already appeared by Chapter 3, except that the reader isn't aware of it yet. ;D I'll formally introduce the second guy (who actually appeared before the first guy, but that was like a glimpse) in the next few chapters. I don't know which yet, since I'm going with the flow, but he's definitely appearing before Chapter 10. And that won't be in the middle or even near the middle of the book since I kind of write 3 page chapters. LOL.

I think doing these things are really fun. It's like answering interview questions about your books. I never really realized how fun that its. Thanks so much to Jess and Donna for thinking up of these opinions and providing some basic things for me to create such a fabulous post!

You can find out more about Inevitable at the top with all the pages or at the sidebar(but it's tiny). And note this, that this might not even become a book, because knowing me, I might quit have way, or wait like 3 years to continue writing the next chapter.

Right now, I'm just on this writing spree and wrote chapter 4 and 5 in a week. But it's not that much. I mean, what do you expect? I'm writing in class while the teacher is talking, but that's how I actually could write non-stop. Yeah. I know, I'm weird right? When I'm at home quietly, I get writer's block. Or I end up dancing to the music I put on.

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    So I'm planning on making Aidan appear LATER LATER. He's gonna end up being evil so I guess love-triangle rules don't apply. LOL.


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