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Monday, April 22, 2013

Book Review: Love Request by Tara Chevrestt

Love RequestLove Request 
by Tara Chevrestt
Release Date: January 25th, 2013
Publisher: Pagan Writers Press
Format: ebook, 130 pages
Source: Author 
Genre: Romance
ISBN: 978-1-9383-9740-0
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Goodreads Summary: When Ciara Littleton takes the plunge and finally joins Facebook to socialize without the limits that her hearing impairment gives her, on a whim, she looks up a childhood friend. In sending him that first message, she ignites the memories of a crush from twenty years ago. But can a simple friend request fix all that stands between them and lead to something more?

Hunter has a lot on his plate. A recent divorce, a pregnant sister, and now, he realizes he's in love with a woman who lives states away. Can he overcome the boundaries of Internet romance to make this desire turn into something real, or will adversity and distance be their undoing--adversity being in the form of his very own sister--the woman who bullied Ciara so mercilessly long ago?

This book was formerly titled A Facebook Affair and has been revised with a new ending.

Cindy's Review:

First, I would like to thank Tara Chevrestt for allowing me to read her book. ;D 

The Cover: 
That guy is pretty hot. ;D LOL. And I think the laptop and mouse thing is cute. And it gives the hint that it's on Facebook because of the Like button. I think the cover fits the story pretty well. Or at least the beginning of the story.

The Characters: 
Ciara Littleton - Ciara lives by herself after her mother had died. She have a hearing aid because of her hearing issues. Because of those issue, Ciara has been bullied through and through. That is, except for one guy. That one guy, who cute and even good looking, all the way back in seventh grade. Hunter. That's his name. But on the bad side, Hunter was the brother of the girl who kept on bullying Ciara. But that was all the way back then. Now, Ciara's all grown up. But she's still single. Her friend suggested her to make a Facebook account to meet guys. And thatt's where she found Hunter again.

Hunter - Hunter just found out that his wife have cheated on him. Again. He's a successful real estate agent, but his wife just doesn't think it's enough. So when a girl from his elementary finds him on Facebook and contacts him, maybe it's means there's going to be a new beginning. Hunter sure wants to meet Ciara again. But his pregnant sister says the opposite. 

Lindsey -  I think this is her name. Hunter's sister. Her husband is in the army.  She makes her brother do everything for her. Honestly, I kind of hated her, cuz she was such a hypocrite, bully, whatever. But in the end, she was actually supportive and nice. 

The Extras:
Later in the end, in the author bio, I found out that the author was kind of similar to Ciara. Maybe not the bullying part, but the author also have hearing aids. And she's living a happy life with her husband! ;D So even if you're living at a disadvantage, you'll still make it through. Just be happy and positve. ;D 

For those who love some tragedy and romance. This is for you~ And the ending will make you smile your head off. :D 

The Rating: (1-10): 8.6~ 

Happy Reading~ 

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