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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Blog Tour: Mythology by Helen Boswell

Welcome to my stop on the Mythology Blog Tour
hosted by Supagurl Tours.
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Hope Gentry doesn’t believe in Fate. Born with an unusual power to see the dark memories of those around her, Hope just wants to be a normal teenager. But on the first day of her senior year of high school, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to a transfer student named Micah Condie. At first glance, Micah seems like a boy that most girls would dream about. But when Hope's powers allow her to discover Micah's darkest secret, she quickly becomes entangled in the lives of mythical entities she never dreamed existed. Was this her destiny all along? And will her powers help her survive the evil of the Demon Impiorum?
Mythology isn’t just for English class anymore.

Cindy's Review: 

I loved reading about myths and retelling of myths since Percy Jackson. Although this book didn't involve the Greek kind of myths, it included demon kinds. And demon kinds always have some hot, sexy romance in it. ;D

The cover makes the main character, Hope, look like a kid. Just from the cover, I thought this would be a Middle School read. The fact that it isn't makes it better though. ;) 

Hope isn't just your normal girl. She can one's emotions like an outline of someone. Colors means different emotions. But one day, she meets someone with a black emotion and someone who she couldn't see any emotion at all. Then, everything starts to complicate. And everything went from calm to frantic to ohmergerd, I'm gonna die frantic. 

Soon, Hope learns that the guy who keeps on catching her attention, Micah isn't just any guy. And that complicates any romantic relationship Hope wants to have with him.

What I like about this book is the sexiness of Micah. Hehe and how Ms. Helen can a book about demons into such a perfect read. 

I give this book an 8! ;D 

Author Bio:

HelenBoswell.jpgHelen Boswell is originally from upstate New York. She obtained her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the University at Buffalo and currently teaches biology at Southern Utah University. Helen enjoys playing with her two little boys, camping, gardening, eating large bowls of ice cream after the kids go to bed, and hanging out on the couch with her husband to watch Breaking Bad, Louis CK, and Wilfred -- and of course, writing. She is the author of the YA urban fantasy MYTHOLOGY. She is also the editor of other novels, including David James' LIGHT OF THE MOON and THE WITCH'S CURSE.



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  1. Thank you so much for hosting MYTHOLOGY on our tour, and for the awesome review! :D


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