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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Book Review: Wild Things by Clay Carmichael

Wild ThingsWild Things 
by Clay Carmichael
Release Date: May 1st, 2009
Publisher: Front Street
Format: Hardcover, 241 pages
Source: John Muir Middle School Library
ISBN: 978-15907-86277
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Goodreads Summary: A headstrong girl. A stray cat. A wild boy. A man who plays with fire. Eleven-year-old Zoe trusts no one. Her father left before she was born. At the death of her irresponsible mother, Zoe goes to live with her uncle, former surgeon and famed metal sculptor Dr. Henry Royster. She's sure Henry will fail her as everyone else has. Reclusive since his wife's death, Henry takes Zoe to Sugar Hill, North Carolina, where he welds sculptures as stormy as his moods. Zoe and Henry have much in common: brains, fiery and creative natures, and badly broken hearts. Zoe confronts small-town prejudice with a quick temper. She warms to Henry's odd but devoted friends, meets a mysterious teenage boy living wild in the neighboring woods, and works to win the trust of a feral cat while struggling to trust in anyone herself. In this ALA Notable Children's Book and "Kirkus Reviews "Best Children's Book of the Year, Zoe's questing spirit leads her to uncover the wild boy's identity, lay bare a local lie, and begin to understand the true power of Henry's art. Then one decisive night, she and the boy risk everything in a reckless act of heroism. 
"I'd hoped for better, Henry's being a heart doctor. A job like that, you'd think he might actually have a heart.
As usual, I pushed the cart down the aisle myself, taking what I needed off the shelves, the new grown-up as useless as those before him. Negative help, as Mama's friend Manny used to say, negative being less than none. No big deal. Grocery shopping and I were old friends, along with toilet scrubbing, vacuuming, and wash.
Said grown-up--my before-last-Monday-never-heard-of Uncle Henry--trailed behind, ... alternating between keeping five or six paces back like I was contagious and breathing down my neck in the unlikely event I needed him for something. I wondered why he'd claimed me at all.

Cindy's Summary: This book is one of the California Young Reader Medal's 2012-2013's nominees. My school participates in this annual event every year. And every year, I participate too. This year is my last year to be able to participate in so I'm definitely reading all 12 books. ;)

I read this book like a month ago. How am I supposed to remember? I barely surpassed the mini quiz given to prove that you read the book. Good thing I know the librarian who grades those quizzes., I'll try my best though.

The Cover:
Hmmm. Okay a cat. I kept on calling this book Wild Cats because the cover had a cat on it. Omg. At least I got the Wild part. 

The Characters/Plot: 
Hmmm. This has like two main characters and a few side characters. This book is told from two POV's. One is the girl, the main character of the book, Zoe. Zoe's dad either left her or he died when Zoe was young or something. Her mom have some kind of bipolar disease thing. Or heart cancer. I forgot. Just something that made her die. Zoe was then sent off to live with her uncle, Henry. 

Henry and Zoe have kind of similar personalities, but Zoe doesn't exactly appreciate him.

The second POV is told by the cat, who is a wild cat who sees all the thing that happens with Zoe and all that. Zoe named this wild cat Mr. C'mere. This cat have quite a strong point of view. LOL.

The Extras:
Since I haven't having time to review books so I have like 6 more books waiting for a review. How am I supposed to remember everything? LOL. 

Well. I apologize for this short uninteresting review. 

The Rate: (1-10) 7.5

Happy Reading~

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