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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blog Tour: The Gift by Tegon Maus

Welcome to my stop on the The Gift Blog Tour 
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The Gift - The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield
The Gift (The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield)


Transformed by a primitive magic beyond a civilized man’s understanding, I was given a horrible gift that no man should possess… It held me, twisted me, turning me at its bidding. I was enslaved by its power, compelled to devour the souls of the dead until I became the monster of my fears. I have seen things I wish never to see again. I have done things of which I wish never to speak. Yet I must if I am to find the answers to fulfill my hope. I have walked upon blue ribbons of molten stone to peer into the depth of a man’s soul. I watched as a promise made at birth brought my friend Enon to sacrifice everything to become whole again – all in an effort to save the life of his child. I have cried without shame for the loss of all I hold dear and for fear that the future will hold more than I can bear. I am Tucker Littlefield. Know all that I say now is true-spoken.
Cindy's Review: 
I want to thank Tegon Maus for letting me read this wonderful story with such a creative world in it. Although the beginning did kind of confuse me, like who or what Enon was supposed to be.
At first I thought Enon was a person. LOL. Then I thought he was a dog. Then, he turned out to be a Jonda. (I'm pretty sure) The main character's name Tucker Littlefield just immediately reminded me of Tuck Everlasting. I'm so weird. 
But anyways, this book had many different kind of people or should I say beings. Since they are not exactly human. It kind of reminded me a little of the Graceling world created by Kristin Cashore. 
So this sure was an entertaining read with it's own little world like the medieval times but at the same time, it's science fiction since it couldn't be real... A little like dystopian.
Although this book is awesome and all, I guess this wasn't the genre or type of book I would usually read. I usually go for the more romantic young adult and dystopian or books that would make me cry. LOL. 
But either way, for those who would love a beautifully laid out story of loss, love, and magnificent world with many different kinds of things, feel free to check this book out!!
Rating: (1-10) : 7.8
Happy Reading~ 


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