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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blog Tour: Drawn to You by Janel Rodriguez Ferrer

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Welcome to my stop on the Drawn to You Blog Tour
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Rock Your Destiny! 

Gina Santiago is a thirteen-year-old "Nuyorican" with rock star dreams, so when she's accepted into the prestigious New York Academy of Arts and Talents for art instead of music, she's crushed. To make matters worse, the student body at the Upper East Side school is divided into "schollies" (students on scholarship, like her) and "dollies" (rich kids with "dollars"). But Gina discovers that there is one thing that brings schollies and dollies-and dancers, singers, actors, artists, and musicians-together: music! Maybe she can make her dreams come true after all....

Cindy's Review: 

This book was a simple juvenile fiction read that inspires kids to follow their dreams. I'm so glad I decided to do this blog tour. I've been reading young adult so much nowadays, I forgot how fun it is to read middle school books. Middle school books are entertaining and captivating, just like the young-adult books, except without all the romance drama. Even if there is romance, the authors keep it light and at ease.

Drawn to You was such a good book! The ending almost killed me! I know this book just came out, but I really can't wait for the next book! And even though, I say romance is gone, whew! A nice rest, I still maybe want just a little romance. Just a little. Because there' s this one character I want Gina to be with. ;)

I love how Gina forms a band at her new school. I love how she follows her dream even though her mother discourages her. I just love the ending of this story. Reminds me a bit of

Janel will be awarding Winner's Choice of a $25 gift card to iTunes (music) or, Capezio (dance), or Utrecht (art supplies) to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

Author Bio:
Author Pic.jpg    Like her main character, Gina Santiago, Janel is a Nuyorican who attended a Manhattan high school of the arts as an art major. Unlike Gina, she isn’t very good at guitar and doesn’t have a rock band to call her own. Truth be told, she never dreamed of becoming a guitarist. Instead, from the time she was a tween she dreamed of becoming a published author of a book series. And since you're reading this, you can see that her dream has come true!
   Her first hint of an idea for the Arts-Angels series began way back when she received a pendant of St. Michael the Archangel for her sixteenth birthday.
   She lives with her twin sister, Jennifer (who got a pendant of St. Joan of Arc that same birthday but hasn’t written any books about it), in New York City.





E-mail: janelrodriguezferrer (at) theartsangels (dot) com.


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Happy Touring~


  1. The book sounds impressive, how long did it take you to finish it?

    lyra.lucky7 at gmail dot com

  2. Hi Lyra L7!

    It's hard to say how long it took to write. I wrote my very first version of this when I was in college (which was quite a while ago). I know it took me some months then, but not more than a year. It was, however, many years later when I rewrote it (and that took a month or two). Then I got an agent, and she had editing suggestions, etc., etc. And I reworked some stuff, which took a few months too. Books go through many different phases before they become the finished product you read. So my writing of the book was spread out over time. It's funny, though, because it takes little time to read it, because it's so fast-paced.

    Thanks for asking!

  3. Very nice review.


  4. I agree, bn100. I was also pleased with this review. Thanks, Cindy!


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