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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Book Review: Interrupted by Rachel Coker

Interrupted: A Life Beyond WordsInterrupted: A Life Beyond Words
by Rachel Coker
Release Date: March 5th, 2012
Publisher: Zondervan
Format: Paperback ARC, 247 pages 
ISBN: 978-0-310-72973-0
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Goodreads Summary: Can love really heal all things? If Sam Carroll hadn't shown up, she might have been able to get to her mother in time. Instead, Allie Everly finds herself at a funeral, mourning the loss of her beloved mother. She is dealt another blow when, a few hours later, she is sent from Tennessee to Maine to become the daughter of Miss Beatrice Lovell, a prim woman with a faith Allie cannot accept. Poetry and letters written to her mother become the only things keeping Allie's heart from hardening completely. But then Sam arrives for the summer, and with him comes many confusing emotions, both toward him and the people around her. As World War II looms, Allie will be forced to decide whether hanging on to the past is worth losing her chance to be loved.

Cindy's Review: You see the word, love and you immediately think about romance between a guy and a girl. But this book is different. It talks about many kinds of love, and it also talks about how to love someone.

The Cover:
I don't know what I expected from this book. For some reason, I just thought about the Holocaust. I guess it's because the girl seemed sad, like it is in many other books about the Holocaust. I just saw the title Interrupted and decided it wasn't my book. It seemed too thin to read, but boy was I wrong. It is actually a really heart-wrenching book about love. Love may only have four letters, but don't take it as a simple word. Love have many depths in it not everyone can experience. 

The Characters: 
Alcyone, also known as, Allie is the main character of this story. She is mature for her age. She may be only 13 but she takes care of her mother instead. Her mother has brain cancer and randomly don't remember anything or just acts childish. 

Sam Carroll, at first, I didn't think anything about him. I just thought he was a side character or maybe so little annoying boys. But my perspective of him changed when he appeared in Maine. It totally changed <3

Beatrice is the women who adopted Allie. And Allie hates her. I really feel sorry for Beatrice. I cried for her numerous of times. Beatrice is a really, really nice woman who had been through life even harder than Allie. It's so sad that Allie takes out her anger at Beatrice. It's not even fair. But when I realized Beatrice's life wasn't as perfect as it seems, Allie also found out at the same time, so I couldn't exactly yell at Allie. 

The Plot: 
When Allie's mom died one night, Allie blamed it on Sam. She believed that if Sam wasn't knocking on the door, her mom would still be alive. Which is stupid because her mom will die anyways. Omg. I'm like getting mad at Allie. Because she doesn't realize how much people she had hurt and how much love she actually gets. I don't think her mom even deserved to be loved so much by Allie. Really. I like Beatrice better! 

The adoption agency moved Allie to Maine to live with Beatrice. Allie hated it there. For four whole years, she hated Beatrice, the house, everything there. And she still cried over her Mom. I mean, she was eighteen. And she still couldn't get over it four years later? Nope. Talk about not-forgetting. I mean, she didn't have to yell at Beatrice every night and cry in her pillow every single night. Gee. I'm starting to hate her. Omg. This is not my definition of a strong female character. Ugh. I get the pain, but 4 years is a little bit too much!!!

So when Sam Carroll came to Maine to visit her, Allie started to realize her surrounding  She actually started seeing who Beatrice was and she learned how to love someone who isn't blood-related to  her. It was heart-wrenching whenever she got mad at someone. I cried for Beatrice. Not her. I'm trying to act snotty, but the more I talk about how Allie acted, the more she gets on my nerves. 

Book Comparisons: 
The whole heart-wrenching part reminded me about Eight Keys by Suzanne LaFleur. In Eight Keys, the main character lost both her dad and her mom, and she didn't really think much about it until she received eight keys to unlock herself. I think Interrupted is also teach the main character to unlock her heart, so in ways, it's similar. Except Eight Keys didn't have any romance and the main character was younger. She was only 12. 

The Bad:
The main character before she learned how to love someone besides her true-blood related mom who didn't even help her as much as Beatrice had. It isn't that she's a bad main character, but like I said, she got on nerves, a lot. I just wanted to throw the book on the wall just to hurt her and make her feel the real pain she had caused everyone around her. But I wouldn't ruin my book like that. LOL. 

The Good:
Either way, I was a really good read with some nice romantic scenes. ;) And the Sam Carroll romance <3

Rating: (1-10): 8.8

Okay, I'm too lazy to do quotes maybe next time. 

Happy Reading~

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