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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blog Tour: Keepers of the Zodiac Review + Author Interview!


Welcome to my Stop on the Keepers of the Zodiac Tour 
hosted by Reading Addiction Blog Tours. 
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Keepers of the Zodiac
Author: Sharon Wood
Date Published: 9/24/12
Young Adult Fantasy

The stars have shifted and the Earth is rapidly moving into the throes of chaos. Four god-like beings known as the Zodiac High Council, send their winged herald, Syrie, out with twelve sealed envelopes. His mission? To bring a chosen group of thirteen future Zodiac Keepers, including a set of mesmerizing twins, to the Isle of Oriba for training. Syrie never could have imagined that he would fall in love along the way—ultimately forcing him to choose between betrayal and death. Keepers of the Zodiac is an enthralling tale of obligatory fate,
temporary hope, and impossible love.

Cindy's Review:  I have to say, I started this book off as, Okay so I'm doing another Blog Tour. Let's see how this book goes,. And it ended as, ohmygawd. LIke this book! I gotta read the next book. Omg. What? Yeah. 

The Cover: 
At first glance, I was attracted to the title. Like cool. Zodiacs. Hmmm. Keepers of the Zodiac. Cool. After I read the book, I was like, I thought the guy had rainbow hair and rainbow eyes? LOL. Yeah. Then looking at the face on the cover, I was like, he isn't that bad looking. LOL.

The Characters:
So first, I'll start off with Syrie. He doesn't have a last name. He was created by Artemis, the goddess of the Hunt and Moon and Iris, the goddess of Rainbow. That explains his rainbow hair colors and rainbow irises. He's not exactly an angel, but he could fly. He does errands for the four Zodiac High Council. I forgot their names, but they represent the four elements, earth, fire, water, and air. And they each like take care of or like own three of the twelve zodiacs. So, they need someone to carry out all the errands and everything. And that person is Syrie.

Simone. Simone, is I guess one of the main characters. She was supposed to represent the Gemeni Zodiac, along with her sister, Raquel, but Raquel opened the envelope without her, so Simone was stuck on Earth for one whole year while it was on freeze mode. Syrie and Simone are in love basically, but later on, you'll learn that they're not meant to be.I don't mean, not meant to be with each other, but I mean that Simone is not Syrie's soul mate. Can they change fate?

Raquel is Simone's identical twin. While Simone is kind, nice, quiet, and generous, Raquel is the opposite. She's obnoxious, bitchy, and what you would expect from those queen bees at school. She secretly opened the envelope that Syrie gave Simone. Then she was transported to be trained to become the Gemeni. 

The Plot:
Besides the blurb telling you the pretty much the whole plot of the book, the characters pretty much also tell you a lot. So the world is ending. People have weird emotions and the Zodiac High Council can no longer take it on their own. They the help of thirteen, or twelve in this case, humans to help take on the zodiacs. So the problem? Simone and Raquel was both supposed to go to the training, but only Raquel went. Syrie is in love with Simone, but he can't reach her, for the portal to Earth is closed off. Quickly, that one year goes by, but Raquel ends up liking Syrie. And even more, the goddesses created Syrie to become the Zodiac High Council's messenger, yes, but they also created him to become Raquel's soul mate. But Syrie is truly in love with Simone.. Who would he be with?"

The Ending:
Even the ending can't answer that question I have given. The second book can though. That's why I can't wait for the second book!

The Bad: 
Well, hmmmm. I have read a lot of romance novels. Like a lot. And this romance is actually pretty well-written, but I must say, it doesn't give me the heart hammering effect like some other books do.

The Good:
But being that I finished this book in just one day. And it kept me interested and curious is already good enough to get a pretty high score on my rating charts. ;)

Rating: (1-10): 8.6!!

Author Bio:

   Sharon Wood is a married, mother of two boys. She was born and raised in Northern California, and attended college at San Jose State University, where she studied Marketing. A self-proclaimed Disney fanatic, Sharon enjoys collecting Vinylmations and talking about Disney related things to anyone that will listen. Besides writing, she enjoys playing and coaching volleyball, dancing, and reading. Keepers of the Zodiac is her first novel, and she is currently hard at work on the sequel!  

Sharon Wood

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  1. Great review! Love the detail you provided on specific characters. And I CANNOT WAIT for the next one!!!

  2. Thank you for hosting and reviewing, Cindy! Your review was very detailed, and I really appreciate that :-) I promise to answer all of the pending questions in the second book.

  3. Nice review! If I didn't already read the book, this would make me want to for sure. I am also looking forward to seeing where the next one takes these characters!

    (On a side note...I'm loving the little stars that follow my cursor around on your site. Pretty much goes w/ the book's theme!)

  4. Syrie is my favorite character and it's clear that he is becoming quite the heartthrob. Let's hope he survives the next book somehow. Good to hear that our questions will be answered!


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