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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blog Tour: Mystery Falls by Marilyn Phillips + Author Interview

Mystery Falls
By Marilyn Phillips 

Secrets. Lies. Deception. For the past six years, Samantha Hunt has lived with the belief that the untimely death of her parents was the result of an unfortunate accident—that by the cruel hand of fate, she had been left an orphan. But it was a lie, a terrible lie told to her by those who wanted to keep her in the dark. And the truth... when revealed, will change her life and haunt her forever.

Suddenly plagued by a series of events which find her in danger and in need of a savior, Samantha is repeatedly rescued by the mysterious and elusive Shadow—a stranger who seems to know more about her past and the tragedy which befell her family, than she does. Drawn to him despite the antagonism she feels whenever in his presence, Samantha soon discovers that Shadow is not what he appears to be. Determined to learn his true identity and why he has come to Mystery Falls, the small town in which she has spent all of her seventeen years, Samantha not only uncovers the secrets he refuses to share, but also the truth about her own past. A truth which forces her to acknowledge that things are not always as they seem, and sometimes, not even those close to you can be trusted. 

Resolved to seeking justice for the unwarranted death of her parents, Samantha embarks on a journey which brings her perilously close to her own demise. Can Shadow use his angel powers to save her yet again, or this time, will he be too late.


Cindy's Review: This book was a fast read. The pages turned literally by themselves. It had the right amount of romance, suspense, and adventure. Yes. It's another one of those books I love about angels and human. An angel is a magnificent being. ;)

Sam lives with her Uncle Mike and her Cousin Claire, after the tragic accident that took both of her parents' lives. One day, she meets a boy in the woods, whom she can't take her eyes off of. The boy called Shadow also shows up at her high school. At first, Sam calls Shadow arrogant, egotistical, annoying, conceited, self-centered. But later one, she found his caring side. 

Shadow came to Mystery Falls to fulfill an angel's quest. And it doesn't necessarily involve Sam. But Shadow and Sam grew close, even when Shadow fully knows that he shouldn't. You know, the whole thing where angels can't be with humans. Because it breaks their laws. Yeah. But true love can conquer all!

Out of all of these angel and human books, the ending was quite entertaining. I was smiling with relief. Such a great read! I definitely recommend this book. ;)

Rate: (1-10): 8.5 stars!

Author Interview: 

I want to thank Marilyn Philips for being here on my blog today and taking her time in answering the questions. ;) So here the interview comes. ;) 

1. In one sentence, why should a reader read Mystery Falls?

Mystery Falls is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance which was written not only for the young, but also for those who are young at heart.

2. If Mystery Falls was turned into a movie, who would you pick to play Sam and Shadow?

Shadow is easy. I would pick Ian Somerhalder without a doubt. Samantha, she is much more difficult. So far, I have not come across an actress I could imagine playing her role. All I could say at this point; is that they would have to be relatively new and display an air of innocence and naivety.

3. What inspired you to write Mystery Falls?

I have always loved books. Reading has been a passion of mine since a very early age, so I would have to say that my inspiration comes from other authors. I have always had an
active imagination, and I have always wanted to write my own novel. As for Mystery Falls specifically, it was a story which simply started to write itself in my head, and with time
finally available to me, I decided there was no better opportunity than now, to put those words on paper.

4. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Actually, I have a few authors I would consider as mentors. Becca Fitzpatrick, Stephenie Meyer, Claudia Gray, Amanda Hocking. Each has their own unique style of writing, and from each, I have learnt something.

5. Mystery Falls' blue cover is very attractive and catches attention. Who designed the covers?

I did. It stems from one of the scenes in the book. The eerie blue waterfall and the white feather are highly significant. But that’s all I’m going to say.

6. Do you have to travel much concerning your book?

No. So far I haven’t had to travel at all. But that’s not to say that I won’t in the future. If a situation arises where it is required, then yes, most definitely, I will travel. Can I also add here that I do travel virtually? I do a lot of research online, sourcing details from many places, mainly in the North American continent. For example, the setting for Mystery Falls is based on a small town located in Clearwater National Park, Idaho.

7. If you can change one thing about Mystery Falls, what would it be? A character? Or you think it's perfect as it is?

Oh! This is a tough one. I don’t think I would change any of the characters. I tend to like them just the way they are. However, if I had the chance to go back, there might be a few
scenes I would re-write. As far as making any significant additions to the story, I think that’s for the next book in the series. 

8. What are your current projects?

I am currently working on Mystery Rises, the sequel to Mystery Falls. It is due to be released sometime in 2013.

9. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in writing Mystery Falls? Such as the romance or the grasp of feeling, etc.?

Kissing scenes can be challenging. It’s important for me to get that as close to perfect as I can. To get those feelings and emotions across to the reader so that they may, in some way,
feel what Samantha’s feeling.

10. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Yes. I would like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to each and every one of you for your support. It has been amazing, far more than I expected. You are all truly awesome!!

Thanks Cindy for taking the time to interview me. I have enjoyed it immensely.

I must say, Marilyn Phillips gives really good and entertaining answers. ;) I hope you enjoyed it. 

Author Bio:
Marilyn lives on the outskirts of Melbourne (Australia) with her wonderfully supportive husband and two beautiful children. When not writing, she likes spending time with her family, taking long walks in dark forests and reading (anything involving paranormal romance / urban fantasy). Her favorite authors include Becca Fitzpatrick, Stephenie Meyer,Claudia Gray and Amanda Hocking. Mystery Falls is her debut novel and the first in a series.



P.S. I accidentally posted one month early. And the author already saw it, so it's all right, I guess? 


  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I am so glad you enjoyed the book.

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  2. Great review and Interview!! You've pipped me at the post, I was going to launch this tour on Saturday, but you have done a great job!! The post is fabulous!!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace


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