Friday, June 29, 2012


Liana. I changed the books I'm currently reading to one book, cuz apparently it's a crime. Okay.....Well I'm always a reader whose like reading more than one book at a time. When you have to finish a series or you find another book more interesting, you tend to stop reading the one you started. In this case, The Horse Whisperer. Even though that book sounds so interesting, I need to finish the Harry Potter series and plus, the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book is a library book, so yah. The geometry textbook...well, my dad wanted me to do some math over the I seriously borrowed the geometry textbook from our school. So much for me and books. I'm like having to much of books to read instead of running out. The school library just gave me a bunch of random books and I have them stacked high in my room. They can't even fit my bookshelf. Man, that means I have to do another reorganization with my bookshelf. Or maybe just take out some really kiddie books and give them to my cousins. So....yeah...that's about it...baii~

~ Cindy XD.

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