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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver Book Review

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver.
Book Review by Cindy.
Book Teaser:
I'm pushing aside the memory of my nightmare, 
pushing aside thoughts of Alex,
pushing aside thoughts of Hana and my old school,
like Raven taught me to do.
The old life is dead.
But the old Lena is dead too.
                                                 I buried her.
                                                 I left her beyond a fence,
                                                behind a wall of smoke and flame.

Cindy's Summary: Like I said, Pandemonium is the sequel of Delirium and to understand it, you must finish reading Delirium first. So, for those who didn't and want to read Delirium, then it's best if you don't continue on, for I will have to tell the ending to Delirium. Not in exact detail, but you would get the picture.  The teaser basically told you the ending, but I'll say it in literal language and not in that poem sort of way. So now, in Pandemonium, Lena Holoway must survive in the Wilds, without Alex and without anyone she knows by her side. Alex had died. The past is over. It's now that counts. Now, she must forget Alex and her past. After like a month or two, Lena finds a group of people who live in the Wilds and lives like a village. Everyone must work or help to something. So basically, the book goes on about Lena's new life and friends, living in the Wilds. Then, Lena meets Julian. Julian is a boy who believes in the government, whose dad is part of the top officials of the government. Julian thinks Invalids are yucky, a bad thing, you know, very negative, but it changes when Lena saves Julian's life. Julian finds out more about Lena, about Alex, Hana, her old life, and why she escaped to the Wilds. Unfortunately, Lena finds herself falling for Julian. As they got closer, Lena keeps thinking of all the things Ales does with her. Lena tries to push Alex away from her mind, and to help Julian go to the Wilds. After bringing Julian to the Wilds, to live with her, Julian wants Lena to stay with him forever and while Lena promises Julian and kisses him, someone steps out of the house. And that someone says, "I wouldn't believe her. And that someone is Alex. 

Rate: (1-10) 7.8

I totally gave the cliffhanging ending to Pandemonium this time. I mean, it doesn't exactly ends, because it's like a total major cliffhanger that makes you desperately want the third and final book, Requiem of the trilogy. OMG. See, I told you it's exciting, although I probably didn't make sound that exciting from my book review. I don't remember this book's details so well, because half the time, I was raving mad about Lena already letting her heart sail to Julian when Alex's been barely dead for half a year. Really. Although, she still remembers Alex, at least have faith that Alex is alive! Oh, but I think I know why Lena thinks Alex is dead. I didn't exactly explain the ending of Delirium too clearly, I just stated Pandemonium's beginning. Okay here goes. The ending of Delirium: Lena helplessly watch Alex get shot by the regulators. Alex was hit at least six times. 

Well yeah. I probably think Alex would be dead, but still, I thought Lena loves him!!! And I thought you get that feeling where the person you love is actually not dead. Okay, whatever, it's just important that Alex is like still alive. So yep. Even I told you the ending and you might not want to read it anymore, trust me, you should still read it, because someone told me the ending already before I read it, and the book explains this whole story a whole lot better. Maybe just that person who recommended the book to me didn't say the story clear enough, so I didn't understand her. Emily. She half screamed at my ear the whole time, ranting, "WHY! WHY! HOW COULD SHE FORGET ALEX!!!"  

But I think Delirium is better. Anyways, stay tuned, I will keep posting up book reviews for other books, but when I get my hands on Requiem, I'll definitely do a book review for Requiem, I promise. And I won't spoil it for you unless you l to know who Lena ended up with, you can always contact us, and I'll tell you.

And Liana, it's not that I haven't been posting because you haven't. You know, only three days had past, and I've been like busy, you know, unlike you, typing this all takes time, and the usage of a computer. So yep. Baii guys. Stayed tuned for more!!

- Cindy;)

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