Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Hey, guys! Happy 4th of July. I'm sorry I hadn't written for so long or updated my currently reading book list, believe me, I went through a few books. It's all because I've been quite busy with this summer program called Eureka! It's exactly like school, but more fun with swimming, self defense, basketball, and more classes. I mean, we even have time to change classes. Five minutes, like school. But it's like way more tiring than school because counting everything, including the swimming pool, which is like two stories down from normal level, it's like five stories, and I have to go up and down. Guess I get to lose some weight this summer.....Either way, I only like started Eureka! for two days, since today is 4th of July, no school, it got me so tired.......So happy 4th of July and baii!!

Here are some pictures.....cuz you know.....

Fireworks are actually really pretty....

Anyways, baii again....
- Cindy Mai :)

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