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Friday, June 29, 2012

My Double Life by Janette Rallison Book Review

My Double Life by Janette Rallison.

Book Review by Cindy Mai. ;)

Book Teaser: Living the life of a famous star should be the opportunity of a lifetime. But for Alexia Garcia, staying true to herself is hard to do when she has to pretend to be somebody else!
      Her whole life, Alexia Garcia has been told that she looks just like pop-star Kari Kingsley, and when she is offered the chance to move cross-country and work as Kari's double, she feels like she's won the lottery. Alexia's mom warns her not to go to Hollywood - the land of vapid celebrities and Alexia's long-lost father - but when Hollywood calls, it's hard to say no.
      In Hollywood, Alexia is living the dream - people cater to her every whim. Then she falls for Grant Delray, the gorgeous singer whose face she's stared  at on magazine covers for years.  he's everything Alexia could want. There's just one problem: He thinks she's Kari.

Cindy's Description: Let's see, this book is not bad I mean, it's like a simple love story with exciting plots, but if you're looking for deep, sexy romance, well just find one of Liana's book reviews, because this one is not as deep. But it's really not a bad book, I mean, younger kids can read this, but not that young. Maybe like 10+. IDK. So anyways, this book talk s about Alexia Garcia who looks a lot like the celebrity, Kari Kingsley, like you already know. Alexia somehow got her picture on the internet, and Kari's manager, Maren found the picture and wanted Alexia to become Kari's double. Alexia's Abuelita and Mom said a strong 'NO!' due to Alexia's Mom's past romance, but Alexia feels like it's something she wants to do. That's when Alexia finally realize that her father, who didn't even know she was born, turned out to be Alex Kingsley. Yep. You got it, Alexia is Kari's younger sister. They have different mothers, but same fathers. Don't worry, Alex wasn't a cheater. Kari's mom died before Alex met Alexia's mom. So, as I was saying, Alexia went to live with Kari and carried on simple tasks like going to a party, going to a small, mini concert, and stuff, but trouble started brewing when Alexia fell in love with Grant and started, basically, dating him, as Kari while the real Kari is dating Micheal and she gets known as a cheater in the magazines and such. So Kari and Maren gets like really mad at her, and they say if Alexia doesn't break up with Grant, she's fired. Alexia rather be fired than breaking up with Grant, but she eventually told Grant she, Kari, was actually seeing Micheal for real, like the magazines said, and they should break up. Either way, Alex Kingsley comes up to solve the problem Alexia started, and of course, she gets fired. That's when Alexia finally told the truth to Alex., to the stunned Alex, in this case. Even though Alex had wanted Alexia to stay, Alexia leaves to back to her quiet hometown. The ending is like the most romantic, but maybe you should read the book instead and ask yourself 'why didn't it happen to you?'

Rate: (1-10): 7.2
It's not bad, like I said. I just realized, in the last book review, I forgot to rate it. Oh well. LOL. I"ll give it a 8.4.

I'm like too lazy to find the quotes and give it out like Liana. So maybe the next book that's really interesting, so I'll want to do the quotes. Anyways, looks like it's me for a while, since Liana is too busy worrying about her other blogs..... I have nothing more to say. Maybe it's because I'm bored of this book, since I probably read it for more than 4 times, so bye~

~ Cindy Mai. ;)

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