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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Update: February 26th, 2015

I just wanted this short update to say what's been going on with my life. 
Not trying to announce anything major.
More like keeping a journal entry for myself and this school year.

**Okay. Apparently, it didn't turn out short at all, so you don't have to read it all. I guess you can just look for the topics that interest you. Ranting things out feels really
 nice afterwards. :) **

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My sophomore year of high school.
What can I say?
I definitely got more busy.
I certainly overuse the word 'definitely'.
I'd like to join to more extracurricular activities, but at the same time, I feel like I don't time for things like these books and reviews.

I decided to join cross country this year.
Despite hating miles and running, I found out that I actually do like running.
Although the practices are torture and the pre-race feels are crappy, I absolutely loved the excitement and the happiness that follows after a race. Every single one. Except I didn't feel well for the championship.
Bummer. Oh well. It was my best time yet. :D 
Orchestra is probably not going as well as I thought.
The music is actually hard. Like all those flat and sharp changes. And beat changes. I really must learn how to read my notes. 
But I got the amazing opportunity last Thursday to be in a quartet and play a piece with only 4 people. 
Although it was scary, it was a daring and fun opportunity.
Now onto my classes. I feel like I don't care much about my classes anymore. 
At the same time, I care so much more. It really depends which ones you're talking about. 
Surprisingly, pre-calc and english is almost meaningless to me. 
The teachers do not teach well. I can practically sleep and pass the class. Whenever I have extracurricular events that involves skipping my afternoon classes, no worries. 
I literally don't have to be in class and still understand everything that's going on. 
It's probably due to my outstanding teachers last year. 
Where did they go?
Then AP Bio and AP World is a whole other world.
My whole sophomore year is about those classes.
Obviously, bio is life. 
Not that I want it to be the center of my life, but it kind of is. 
I study so much for this class. Tests are 95% of our grade! 
Basically, every 2 weeks, we get a 75 question test to finish in one period: 55 minutes. Insane. I don't know how I'm surviving. 
Every week, we get these quick quizzes, which is basically memorizing 400+ root words. It's randomized and we add 15 per week. Sigh.
And those are driving me crazy.
I just got the compare and contrast essays down.
Now we have to do DBQs.
Our first DBQ test is this upcoming Thursday.
Someone kill me now. *tears 

Girls Inc. have actually been pretty fun this year.
We get fun events like seeing plays and acrobat performances.
We have movie night every month and career speakers.
Plus, the opportunity to go white water rafting is coming up! 
I'm actually looking forward to these events. 


Service clubs.
Okay. I've really been meaning to do them.
But they're actually kind of hard to commit to.
There are so many people in the club.
And really the events are dope. And fun. And amazing. And friendly.
I get to meet lots of new people.
But I feel like I don't have time.
Or I rather stay home and sleep. Or read. Or watch movies.
One big problem is that I can't drive and literally every service event needs to be driven to on our own.
My parent's work schedule is really hard to fit around. 
But I'm trying. 
Instead of focusing on the popular Key Clubs and Interacts, I think I'm going to try out Jefferson Service and see how it is. 
I really want to learn how to play a key role in my community and the chance of becoming a leader would be great. 
Of course, this is a book blog.
I've got to talk about books.
And my blog.
I feel like I've been slacking.
Well, I really have been.
I'm way behind on reviews.
Just because I'm too busy for blogs doesn't mean I'm not reading though. I'm just too lazy to review. 
I'll definitely try to keep up.
Right now, I'm doing it, but who knows what will happen in a month? 
I'll try, guys. I promise.
At least I've been reading.
Just because I talked about reading. 
 I totally understand why people in college and high school love movies so much. 
When I was younger, I thought they were just wasting time.
But now, movies are sanctuaries. 
They provide entertainment, yet times for rest. 
They're funny, tear-jerkers, or anything you want.
You get to see your fellow celebs on the big screen.
Just life of a teenager.
Well, it has been fun talking to you. Or actually to myself. 
I don't really know what to do with this useless post. 
But well. Let's end with an inspiring quote. 

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."
- Oscar Wilde

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