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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Book Review: Lucy Dakota: Rocky Mountain Beginnings by C.S. Shride

Lucy Dakota: Rocky Mountain Beginnings (Book 1)Lucy Dakota: Rocky Mountain Beginnings 
by Carol Sue Shride
Release Date: May 25th, 2011
Publisher: My Piece of the Puzzle
Paperback, 291 pages
Genre: Middle Grade Adventure
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Goodreads Summary: Lucy Dakota is a typical teenage girl: confused yet intelligent, unhappy with her lot in life yet full of vitality and enthusiasm. Troubled by rocky relationships with friends and boyfriends, she finds it hard to fit in at school until she's invited to join an adventure scouting club and starts exploring the natural world. Her first adventures take place in the backcountry of her home state, Colorado, where she discovers her more daring side, as well as the young woman she is becoming. Join Lucy as she transforms from a timid, chubby tween who hides from school bullies in her teacher's office to a brave, spirited, globe-trotting leader on the hiking trail and beyond. This exciting new adventure series for young adults is sure to encourage readers to discover their strengths and take on the world, whether at school, home-or, like Lucy, skipping across the continents.

Cindy's Review:   
      Lucky Dakota is a persistent and strong narrator that tells us how she got to where she is today. To me, it seems like a great college entrance essay. Except maybe a bit too long. But we learn how Lucy finds her true self in the things she does. She learns her passion and everything she does leads to more and more adventures.

Reading about her adventures were definitely a blast. After the first few chapters of gaining her confidence, we learn that Lucy joined an outdoorsy type of club, where they go skiing and white water rafting. Sounds amazing! I wish our school would have this! 

Each adventure was like its own little story. And like me, Lucy likes to collect things along her trip, so she'd have a souvenir or a memory. I'm not a super outdoor person, but I must say, those hikes and sleds certainly sounds fun! 

      The writing style is definitely more for middle grade. Although Lucy herself was in high school, I felt like the way the story plays out and how things are told are suited more towards junior high students. The way Lucy narrates doesn't sound extremely sophisticated. Like me. I have a hard time trying to sound fancy and proper. The rest of the characters and romance in this book didn't play a big part. There were some characters that made a pretty big appearance, like Keri, but she isn't someone lovable. She sounds like a grade A queen bee. She sounds really fake. There is nothing in depth about her, maybe because she is that kind of person. 

Then, there's other characters I question about, like Dean. Lucy makes pretty bad choices as to picking friendships and relationships. But I guess that does happen in everyday high school life. We students do all make bad choices at one point of life. Another thing I would like to mention is Lucy's inability to pack correctly. I get it if it's the first time she's been on an overnight trip, but it seemed like she packed the wrong clothes every single time! She could asked someone, done research, or just check the weather! I have no comments here. 

      Overall, Lucy Dakota was an inspiring read about self-discovery and learning to know and love yourself. It is a novel middle grade scholars should consider reading.

The Rating: 8.5

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