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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Inevitable - Chapter Two

Hey Cindy. (; omg. So busy with school. I haven't been doing Incend lately. D: Well. I'm gonna work on it now and send it to ya, k? Yeah. So good luck with Inevitable and stuff. omg, Ms. Valdez calling me a cute little girl. whut. Yeah, that was Liana. I was a little bit lazy when I made this draft. I was about to post it next week, but yeah, I was too busy doing this, watching shows. And as you know, school started. So I'm like super busy doing Falcon Work and hanging out. No time, like Liana said. I haven't really been writing that much in Inevitable because of school and such, but I'll try really hard to not get distracted and write in it as much as possible. ;)

Since I owe it to you now, omg. Here's Inevitable-Chapter Two!

Inevitable-Chapter Two
The main road that leads to the city was dark and dangerous, espcially at night.

Great. I thought. I came out just in time for my doom facing bandits alone. With a sigh, I look towards the side of the road, where the bushes are which made a great hideaway for both bandits and travelers.

Looking at the dark shadows of the medium-sized bushes, I smacked my forehead. Oh! Why had I forgotten a flashlight? Oh well. I will have to deal with what I have now.

I crept closer to the edge of the road, getting ready in case any bandits come flying out at me.

When I made sure no one was behind the bushes, I patted the soft ground and lied down. I can't be picky in these situations. Falling asleep this early may be hard, but there is nothing to do but to rest.

In the distance, I thought I heard a horse, but I don't care. I already drifted off to sleep.

Minutes later, I've been startled awake by this bright light. Blinking, I quickly sat up.

Bandits! Run! my brain yelled.

"Well, what do we have here?"

"I'm no one special. Go away!" I turned my head towards the direction of the voice.

"Oh, don't scare her like that." a women's voice sounded, surprising me.

I didn't know women also become bandits.

"Oh, dear. You must be shocked that we pried you awake, but we just had to make sure you were not dead." the women continued.

"What is a young lady doing on the road alone?" the man's voice questioned.

"Umm...I'm heading back to the capital to find my father." I lied. In truth, my dad left our family more than 8 years ago, right before Reina was born. We already believe that he's dead.

"We're heading back to the capital, too. We just visited our son, Josh in the nearby village. And by the way, my name is Robert. And this is-" Robert spoke.

"-Mariette." Mariette interrupted.

I then wondered. What would a young child be doing in a village when they live in the magnificent city?  But then I decided it was the cue to introduce myself instead. "My name is Arabelle Sterling, but you can call me Elle."

"Sterling, huh? Any chance related to the high official, Ashton Sterling?" Paul asked.

"Oh, no." I don't know anyone in the government." I hastily replied.

"Hmm..." Paul hmmed while stroking his nonexistent beard. "Do you want to us to take you to the capital? It beats facing bandits and a two week walk alone."

Seeing how nice and kind-faced the couple are, I decided it was safe to ride with them. They won't kidnap me, my mind reassured. "Okay, sure." I said.

"Well, go right on the carriage. Ladies first." Robert said with a twinkle in his eye, just like how my father was when he talked.

"You don't have any belongings?" Mariette questioned, just like my mother would, peering back at the bushes.

I shook my head. Partly because I wanted to get rid of the thought about Robert and Mariette being my parents. "No, they're all in my pockets."

"Well, climb on, dear!" Robert urged.

While I was ascending the carriage, I couldn't help but notice how refined the couple are. Nice, rich clothing. A carriage that probably worth more than the house I live in. Or lived in, in this case.

"Go to sleep, Arabelle. You'll need plenty of energy in the city, trust me." Mariette suggested.

I looked out of the window towards the wonderful night sky. Breathing the fresh air, I realized I couldn't believe my luck. "Oh, I will." I answered Mariette.

With a slap from the reins, the driver of Robert and Mariette, or should I say the horse, took us racing on the road, straight towards the capital city. I can't turn back now, even if I wanted to. Wiht a happy sigh, I drifted off to sleep to the rythm of the horseshoes sounding on the road.

Whatever obstacle or help I get, along the way to the city and in the city, is something kind of similar to fate. It's unavoidable.

Sorry, my writing is so sucky. And boring. Let's hope Liana will help me fix it up and get it more interesting. lol. Don't worry, though. Because in Chapter Three, I will introduce an important character that will certainly brighten things up! Sadly though, Inevitable is a preview, so this is all you get, so if you're interested in reading, wait till I finish writing the book and then buy it and read it well. Yes. So yeah. Bye for now~

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