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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cindy's Book Review: The Hunter's Moon by O.R. Melling

The Hunter's Moon (The Chronicles of Faerie, #1)
 The Hunter's Moon by O.R. Melling (The Chronicles of Faerie#1).

Book Summary: A fantasy "shimmering with magic, myth, and romance,"* now available in paperback 
Gwen travels to Ireland to visit her cousin Findabhair, expecting a summer of backpacking, late nights, and the usual road trip adventures. But when Findabhair is kidnapped by the King of Faerie, Gwen must race to save her cousin before the rise of the Hunter's Moon, when the fairies need a human sacrifice. 
This first novel in "The Chronicles of Faerie" was praised for "Melling's taut plotting, with its unexpected turns, that] moves the story quickly to a climax and leaves readers wanting more." ("School Library Journal") 
* from "Booklist" (starred review) 
Praise for "The Hunter's Moon" 
*"A compelling blend of Irish mythology and geography." - "School Library Journal" (starred review) 
..." This] sensation-loaded celebration of Ireland and Faerie will be a powerful draw for many readers." - "The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

Cindy's Summary: When I first saw this book, I honestly didn't want to read it. Well, let's just say, when I first saw this book, I was like, "FREE BOOK FROM LIBRARY! WANT! WANT! WANT!" It was like Black Friday when I got it! So our San Leandro Public Library - Main was like having this Teen Party for the Reading Program at the end of each summer, and each summer, they give away free books. There were like very few left when I got there. So yeah. Then, I brought it home and went, "EW. The cover doesn't seem interesting. The teaser doesn't have any romance in it. I'm not reading it!" So I put it on my desk for a while. Then one day, I went like: "I'm so bored. No books to read. Nothing to do. I'm just going to read this."
I did not regret this decision. It's like it's the best book I ever read in my life, but it is not as boring as I thought it would seem. The summary made it seem like those normal fairy books about kidnapping humans and stuff. I really got tired of those books, so I was like "I really don't want to read this." 
Even though it really is about kidnapping humans and stuff, the real criminals are actually not the fairies. That's what is surprising. And not only that, there is actually romance in it. 
To be truthful, the whole 'The Chronicles of Faerie' also discouraged me from reading it. I thought the book was from the middle of a series and I hate starting to read in the middle of a series. So yeah.. 
Oops, this is more like about me and the book instead of a summary. I should really change it to 'Cindy's Opinions" LOL. 

So here's the real summary:
This book starts off having a cousin reunion. Findabhair lives in Ireland while Gwen lives in America. Both girls are sixteen and Ireland is apparently where all the magic is, where there are fairies or faeries in this case. The two girls go to a road trip taken by bus, and that's when Findabhair gets kidnapped by the king of faeries. Wanting to save her cousin, Gwen follows the faeries and tries to save her cousin. While Gwen believes that the faeries are harming and stealing her cousin away from her, Findabhair thinks the opposite. Findabhair thinks she's helping the faeries from a deep, dark enemy. Both are right. A human cannot live in a fairy realm without dying  in the human world, but if a human does not sacrifice herself for the enemy, The Hunter, then the faeries would not live on. 
So in this exciting adventure, both cousins find out things change when you actually go to a real adventure. (Not the ones, they were daydreaming before.)

Rate:(1-10): 8.3
This book is really not as bad as I thought the fairy books would be. 

"Have you forgotten how to sing?"
How can that happen? LOL.

"Dear Findabhair"
I find this name like really unique. Like what kind of name is Findabhair? Not to be mean or anything. LOL.

"Or you  may be remembering the future."
WHAT?! How is that even possible?

"We're hopeless romantics."
It's me and Liana, guys!!! (Don't correct my grammar, I know it's there.)

"....they always give her the heebie-jeebies"
LOL. Heebie-jeebies.

"Mattie O' Shea, at your service."
Why are all elves named O' something, like O' Reilly or something. Oh, really!
"Was she hallucinating?"
Yeah, probably. 

"Kathleen Quirke"
I like your  name. Sounds really perky. (It rhymes! LOL)

Oh, please. Ancient Eating Place? LOL. I never knew that existed.

"Yes, she had definitely became a flirt."
Omg. Who admits those things?

"....for they knew The Queen of Faerie had lost her King."
That sounds really sad, but she's like sixteen!

Yeah, that's it for the quotes. Hope you enjoyed the review, LOL. And I hope it wasn't too long!

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