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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Someone Dies, Someone Lives by Lurlene McDaniel Book Review

Someone Dies, Someone Lives by Lurlene McDainel.
Book Review by Cindy Mai.
Book Teaser:: You don't know me, but I know about you....I can't make you live longer, I can't stop you from hurting. But I can give you one wish, as someone did for me.
   Katie O'Roark feels miserable, even though she knows she's incredibly lucky to have received an anonymous gift. Still, the money can't buy her a new heart or bring her back to her track-star days. When a donor is found with a compatible heart, Katie undergoes transplant surgery. While recuperating, she meets Josh Martel and senses an immediate connection. When Katie decides to start training to attain her dream of running again, Josh helps her meet the difficult challenge. Will Katie find the strength physically and emotionally to live to become a winner again?

Cindy's Summary: This book basically talks about a girl called Katie, who suddenly got sick and found out she has cardiomyopathy,which means a virus attacked the heart and destroyed it. Near that time, Josh Martel's older brother, Aaron, was playing a football game when he suddenly fell onto the ground. Apparently, he had aneurysm in his brain, which was the rupture of a major blood vessel, and Aaron died before hitting the ground. Since, Aaron had such a healthy body and his organs are in fit shape, Josh and his grandpa had decided to donate Aaron's organs to those in need. Since Katie's dad is a newspaper reporter, her dad wrote a column about her and the organs donation program, saying thanks to the donor for his dear daughter's new heart. Josh saw the newspaper and immediately knew that Katie's new heart is Aaron's heart, so he started visiting Katie in the hospital.
    Katie and Josh met and started talking to each other, knowing more about each other and Aaron. Apparently, there is something called the Transplant Olympics, for those who had an organ transplantation   could go compete against others, like in an Olympic. Katie really wanted to be in the Transplant Olympics, since she was a track-star and she loved running, so she started training with Josh. So everything goes great, until suddenly, Katie's body is rejecting her new heart.......that means going back to the hospital and starting the treatments again. For Josh, he feels like Aaron would died a second time if Katie died, since he had grown quite close with Katie.

Rate:(1-10): 7.8

Lurlene McDaniel writes really sad books. One of my book recommendation, the one about the girl who had cancer was by her. Yep, those books make me cry. So anyways, I see how Liana did that bookmartk things for the quotes. That's how she can find so much quotes, so I decided to try. It's cool looking and I have like a lot of quotes, or more than the ones I used to do, since I used to have to look for the quotes. So let's get started:

"Melody reminded her too much of the 'normal' world she'd had to leave behind months before:
It's so totally's like being an invalid or something. BTW, Melody is Katie's best friend.

"......but unless a miracle happens, I won't be running track again."
 So totally sad......leaving your dream behind.

"Katie's only real hope is a heart transplant....."
 Seems like the world is ending for her.

"Seems weird to be waiting for someone to die so that I can live, doesn't it?"
 That actually makes sense though. It's like being reborn.Old age, new life, but in this's not.

" ' Your brother's dead, son. He died before he hit the ground.' "
 Gosh.....bad news, you gotta feel bad for Josh.

" 'How do I know if I'm alive?' .......... 'It's like falling in love,Katie' "
Oh, really, being alive is like falling in love? Gosh, I guess we should be grateful then.

" 'Life stinks,' Josh said..."
 Hey, I agree.....

"The nurse touched his arm. 'She's your girlfriend, isn't she?", she's some stranger whose got my brother's heart......xD

"Overwhelmed, he felt a tear escape and trickle down his cheek. His eyes flew open when he felt Katie's finger brush it tenderly."
Well, nice romantic moment here....even though Josh is crying for his brother.

" 'Will I have a new scar after each biopsy?'    'Yes.'     'That stinks. I'll look like Dracula's girlfriend.'
 Great humor......but that really does stinks.

" 'So, here we are, two strangers brought together by a guy who never had anything to say about it."
That's actually very complicated and sad.

" 'You can either help me train or stay out of my life.' "
 Harsh.....but she got herself a boyfriend. xD

" 'Is it like kissing your brother?' she teased, pulling slightly back.    'Not even close,' "
Har har, told you they ended up together.

"She could see the finish line, could feel the victory......"
You go, girl! Rock on!

" 'I'm sick, Mom,' she said. 'You'd better call the doctor.' "
 Story flash, it might not be the happy ending you're expecting after all.

" 'If it doesn't work, promise me you'll look out for Josh....that you'll take care of him, be a family to him' ..........' And the rest of the Wish money...see that it goes to someone in need of a transplant who can't afford it.' "
OMG...this seriously made me's like she's dying, she's already written her will.

Read the book to find out the ending. Bet you'll be disappointed. Think about the words.....xD. Get through the loops, or just read the book and you'll find out what I mean by 'disappointed'.

xD baii!

;) Cindy ~

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