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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blog Tour: Kidnap by Sally Ann Melia

Kidnap, Part 1. of Guy Erma and the Son of EmpireKidnap (Guy Erma and the Son of Empire #1)
by Sally Ann Melia
Release Date: May 17th, 2015
Publisher: Dickson House 
Genre: Sci-fi, thriller
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Goodreads Summary: I don’t want to go… Do I have to go?
13-year-old Prince Teodor of Freyne knows his duty to the memory of his father and his kingdom. Always, he must help those less fortunate than himself. Yet a frightening nightmare fills him with foreboding, but still he must do - into the Dome.
13-year-old Guy Erma lives in the shadow of the Dome, he has no father and no mother and his future is uncertain, he must start earning a living when he turns 14. He knows not where he will live or even how he will eat, and his only dream is to enter the military academy - at the heart of the Dome.
Two boys as different as any two boys might be. One act of cruelty will throw their lives together, but who dare they trust?

Cindy's Review: 
Kidnap is an entertaining read centered in a whole other universe. Something like Earth doesn't seem to exist and there are 13 different planets. In this monarchy setting, Teodor, the Prince of Freyne is one of the main characters. This boy is likable, yet sometimes, he seems a bit 'need to have everything my way' type, but not completely spoiled. Teodor is a bit unsure of himself in the beginning and definitely doesn't want to follow his duties, but once he arrived at the domes, he can't be the unwilling boy anymore. Teodor got a really open-ended finish. I'm really curious to see what could have happened to him! Nell is really likable. Teodor's first opinion of her was bad, but we grow to slowly enjoy her character.  

Guy Erma has a really unique name. Guy Erma is the second main character, but it seems that the story revolves around him more. I would say Guy Erma is definitely the more mysterious character since we don't really know his background, but we do know his ambition. The book's POV did start with Karl though and that was when I was really confused on what's happening. Since Chapter 1 went back to Teodor. A lot of characters are introduced in the beginning and you can learn about each of their stories.

I really enjoyed the little pictures and drawings between a lot of the chapters. They certainly give more visuals of each character and add more fun in the reading. I also really enjoyed reading another level of science fiction. There are borgs, domes, different planets, superpowers like telepathy, and a lot more! Most science fiction would take one of these factors and combine it with our contemporary world, but entering the Dome and Freyne was like seeing a whole new universe. 

To those who enjoy a heavy science-fiction series, here's one for you! I would say though, this would be for middle grade readers more than young adult, since the main characters themselves are about 13 and 14, which is more middle grade. I tend to like reading about my own age, but when there's a lot of adventures throughout the novel, like this one, I don't mind. :) 

The Rating: 7~

Author Bio: 
Displaying Sally Ann Melia.jpg Sally Ann Melia is life-long Science Fiction fan. She was Star Wars as a child and has loved Space Opera fiction and tales of huge Galactic Empires such as Frank Herbert’s Dune series and Iain M. Banks Culture. Guy Erma and the Son of Empire is her first full-length novel to be published.

She lives in Farnham, Surrey with husband David, and has two children and 3 gerbils.

Happy Reading~ 
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  1. I'm not sure this would be for me but I love that you did enjoy it. Great review!


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