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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Book Review: Sleeping Beauty and the Beast by Melissa Lemon

Sleeping Beauty and the BeastSleeping Beauty and the Beast 
by Melissa Lemon
Release Date: June 24th, 2014
ebook, 202 pages
Genre: Fantasy, Fairy-tale retelling
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Goodreads Summary: Trapped in a cursed sleep, the only experiences Princess Eglantine has are the ones in her dreams. There she meets Prince Henry of Fallund, a neighboring kingdom on the brink of war. 

Meanwhile, Prince Henry's brother Duncan discovers a vicious beast imprisoned for murder. Captivated by her, he works to free her from both the prison bars she's locked behind and the ones surrounding her heart and mind. Sleeping Beauty and the Beast reinvents and seamlessly intertwines the classic fairy tales Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast.

Cindy's Review:
At a Glance/The Cover:
I've been reading a lot of fairy tale retellings lately, especially ones about Beauty and Beasts. This one is pretty unique. Both beauty AND the beast is a girl, so this is actually about two couples and follows two person's stories. 

The Characters/My Opinion:
Eglantine - Though there are two main characters and the protagonists' story intertwines, I still insist that Eglantine is the main character. She is the sleeping princess cursed to sleep forever unless her brother releases a beast. The only problem is that she doesn't have a brother. At all. 

Eglantine is a fun character. She gets to visit places in her dreams. And for some reason, she visits Fallund and meets Prince Henry. Say it's fate but Prince Henry is the only one who could see or hear her. 

Olivia - I'm pretty sure that's her name. This is the beast. The daughter of the witch who cursed Eglantine. But Olivia doesn't know it and now she is in the dungeon of Fallund, trialed for murdering someone. 

Olivia interested Prince Duncan, the brother of Prince Henry, and throughout the whole story, Duncan tries to befriend Olivia and get her to talk to him. 

Overall Thoughts: 
I did have an idea of how this book will end, seeing there are only so many possibilities, but I was still interested to see how things played out. :)

I especially adored Henry and Eglantine's story, although they did get married a bit too fast for my taste. But it's in the land of prince and princess's. What did I expect? This happens in Hollywood! With way less divorces. 

Definitely a fun fairy tale read. I enjoyed it immensely. :)

The Rating (1-10): 7.5~

Happy Reading~


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