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Friday, April 4, 2014

Movie News: 2014!

I haven't been talking about movies since awhile.
Well, besides that Divergent review. 
But I'm not here to talk about Divergent. 
At least not entirely.
There are many movies going to come out! OMG.
I just can't wait.
Because even though some of the 'movies based on books' may not the best movie ever, I still have to watch. 
Just for the book. For the author.

OKAY. Let's move on.

1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


I know. I know. Old news. BUT still. Even though it's part of 2013, there really aren't that much movies.
But it was good. Way good. A good starting stone.
You guys can contradict me if you wish. LOL. If you find a better one. Be sure to tell me!
I mean, this is like the only movie I can ever say was better than the book. Forreal though.
Jennifer Lawrence. You go girl.
Loved this one.

2. Divergent


Yep. The second one. Divergent.
Was there a movie in between Catching Fire and Divergent.
At least not that I know of.
After Catching Fire, the next movie I watched was Frozen. 
SO..... quite unrelated to books.
But I would love to talk about it! Just message. Somehow. LOL. If that isn't too creepy.
Either after Catching Fire, the next book movie I watched was Divergent. And I just had a review on it.
Theo James. So fine.
Okay. Done. Next movie.

3. The Fault in Our Stars


Now this is what I'm talking about for MOVIE NEWS.
The ones not released yet! Duh!
That book though. *tears. 
Omg. I just can't.
From Divergent, I know Shailene is a pretty good actress. She may not be like super duper goddess great, but she's amazing enough.
Ansel Elgort. He doesn't really appear that much in Divergent.
But all's well.
I don't despise him.
I thought he was actually cute though.
At least in some angles.
I truly did not think Augustus would look like Ansel.
To me, Gus would be the kind that looks like he would those guys riding motorcycles. 
Welps. At least, we can see him more.
Move on to some movie infos:

Release Date: June 6th, 2014!


No huge emotions now. Yet.
But we'll see when time gets closer.

For those who haven't read THE FAULT IN OUR STARS:
GO READ IT! What are you waiting for? 
Even if you don't like movies. 
Or all kinds of books.
Or anything.
Just go read it.
I'm not begging though.

4. The Maze Runner


So I saw the trailer for this movie when I was watching Divergent.
Just. Gosh. It looks good. 
Not gonna lie. Not trying to be biased or anything.
But I really love the maze.
So real.
So how I imagined it.
And truly. Dylan O'Brien can make a good Thomas.
Cuz everyone at school is just fangurlin over Dylan O'Brien.
Cuz of Teen Wolf. And I still don't watch that.
But at least I can finally fangirl about Dylan O'Brien after this movie with them. I hope.
 So far, there isn't that much information. But the release date and trailer is definitely out. And cast characters. You wanna know?

Release Date: September 19th, 2014.


Yes. I'm talking about this trailer. Oh. Look at Dylan O'Brien. And yes. I just have to say his full name. Just because. I don't know him that well yet to use first name basis. LOL. Jk.

Thomas - Dylan O'Brien
Teresa - Kaya Scodelario
Gally - Will Poulter
It's that guy from We're the Millers. Hilarious.
Newt - Thomas Sangster
Alby - Aml Ameen

Okay. That was the short list of casts.
And I'm not fretting over that release date cuz there's still TFIOS coming out in only 3 months. And since we're talking movies, MALEFICENT.
Yes. Definitely watching some Angelina Jolie there.

5. Eleanor & Park


Did you think that was it? 
Apparently not.
There's Eleanor & Park!
Okay. Maybe there isn't anything set yet.
Like no movie poster. No cast. No release date.
But it's official!
And this is for those who haven't heard about this good news yet! :)
But the movie's probably gonna be set for 2015.
No worries tho. Tons of movies coming out. In a row.
Yo estoy muy contenta.
You see how much I learn in Spanish 1? :)


 Tons of great, great movies coming out. 
Super exciting.
And if you guys hear about some other movies. TELL ME. I wasn't trying to be threatening. It just came out that way. Sorry.
Like forreal. Tell me. Please. Cuz I wanna know. :) 
For the sake of my movie obsessions. 

Thanks for reading~
Stay tuned for more news~


  1. I'm really, really looking forward to Catching Fire! I'm so behind I actually just saw Hunger Games for the first time a couple of weeks ago and WOW! Loved it!

  2. THE TRAILER FOR TFIOS LOOKS SO INCREDIBLE!!! THE FEEEEEELS! And maze runner too!!!! Catching Fire, I agree with you was absolutely incredible, but I'm yet to see Divergent. Can't think of any other huge book adaptations that I'm bursting for... I liked your list haha

  3. Oh girl I need to see Divergent soon. I didn't have time this past week but I'll plan it for the next. Also TFIOS I cannot wait to see!!!I loved the book. I need to read The Maze Runner though. Great post! :)

  4. I loved Divergent and Caching Fire (better than first movie - way better. I think that they are finally learning the right way to film movies based on popular books.


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