Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cress Sneak Peek!

Some of you guys probably already know about this.
Typically, I'm late since these chapters were made available more than a month ago.
But I'll take anything I can take. :D
Because I definitely still want to tell the those who have not yet read the first FIVE chapters of Cress!
YEP. FIVE CHAPTERS! Like it was in Scarlet.
Oh Marissa Meyer is so generous. 
I wish all authors were like that.

Okay. Let's get on.
It's available on Amazon.com
for FREE!

*clicking on the picture won't lead you to the website, because I haven't mastered that art yet. :( 
But clicking on the Amazon.com link does lead you there.

We finally get to meet the 'Rapunzel' Cress. It also is in Cinder's POV....I think. But it certainly still talks about Cinder and her adventure. :)



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